Comment on Pin-Yin Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong! (part 1)

meganmay Thu, Jan 1, 2009
It's striking how much I feel tuned into this sentiment. I kept shouting last night about starting new years revolutions and when i woke up this morning it felt like the start of a grand push forwards. For the first time I feel the symbolic significance of new years actually holds water. What's more is just the other day while i was reading the paper i thought: you know what, this alternative energy thing is going to work, and I had this strange feeling that successfully deploying these technologies would have a positive impact on our intergalactic reputation.

To my delight, all the revolution talk last night bore several declarations of independence (to each his own) and mine went as follows:

I declare myself independent of shortcomings that do not work in my (of anyone elses') favor and hereby proclaim that i shall do everything in my power to help move humanity towards its next evolutionary phase in the interest of intergalactic excitement. seriously.
I also declare myself independent of space and time.

So, I'm totally into it and ready to push full steam ahead.