Comment on Pin-Yin Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong! (part 1)

WarpedREVolution Sun, Jan 4, 2009
Wow, just wow. I am going to need to start freeing up more time to set aside for the collective. Posts like this leave me speechless because of all the reasons Rene mentioned above. I will have to look more thoroughly into each of the different companies and concepts discussed in this article. I believe strongly that we are living during pivotal moments in human history and this post reflects that idea beautifully. I too am eagerly awaiting the next part of this article. Does the collective give permission for things like this to be copy&pasted to other sites, because I think we should strive to expand our audience and give the most thought provoking articles like this one the most widespread exposure we can. Happy New Year to all, I too have a great feeling about these upcoming 365 solar days.