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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Guess what?
    Project: Polytopia

    Yesterday I met a Polytopian

    A what?

    A Polytopian!

    And what on earth is a Polytopian?

    I haven’t the slightest clue, but what I can tell you, is that I want to be one or maybe I am one already.

    He was sitting at the bar smoking a short Dominican cigar, drinking an 18yr old malt (Auchentoshan*), sipping slowly and yet emanating a certainty the like of which I had never experienced. He was having a light conversation with the bartender, a beautiful woman I knew from long ago that went by the name of Shayene.
    Overhearing just a piece of the communication between them I approached and settled my organics beside him.
    Without losing a breath beat, he turned towards me and continued the very same conversation he was having with Shayene.

    And lo and behold I was transported

    The Polytopian (TP): You do realize that, now, don’t you?

    Me (M): Of course I do
    TP: Nevertheless we must take into consideration that there are others that do not, so for the time being we will need to play the game as if the status quo hasn’t changed.

    M: The status quo?

    TP: Yes indeed, the Neolithic status quo
    M: what’s the Neolithic status quo?

    Tp : the Neolithic status quo is a term we employ to describe the idea that a totalizing narrative is the truth we seek, or used to seek , and since that idea is quite dead , the status quo has changed or is changing as we speak.

    M: a totalizing narrative?

    Tp: you are slow, are you not?

    M: yes, nevertheless..

    Tp: well, a totalizing narrative is the idea that everything can and one might say ‘should’, be explained by one all encompassing narrative or theory, or story, and if there is one thing we can be certain of it is that there is no theory of everything.. but the Neolithic mind, busy as it is in its confabulations, has constructed, or structured if you prefer, a view of all as one…

    M: but isn’t all, one?

    Tp : nope..

    M: so all is..?

    Tp: many.. many things.. a dynamic multitude.

    M : and me, I am one, am I not ?

    Tp: nope..

    M: so I am..?

    Tp : many , many things.. a dynamic multitude..

    M: what about god then..?

    Tp: what about it?

    M: surely, there is only one god?

    Tp: nope..

    M: don’t tell me, there are many, many gods, a dynamic multitude..

    Tp: precisely..

    M: but if I am a multitude and life is a multitude how would you describe the relation between all and me?

    Tp: simple: a dynamic multitude.. You are many, I am many, life is many, that makes relations a ‘many to many’ proposition..

    M: I am confused, are there no rules? No laws? No order?

    Tp : of course there are and there is.. Many rules, many laws, many orders.. Many big pictures.. Also many small pictures..

    M: and yet I believe that..

    Tp: stop right there.. you have many beliefs.. many, many beliefs.. a dynamic multitude one might say..

    M: argh..!!

    Tp: exactly so.. and contrary to your unitary Neolithic thinking this makes perfect sense..

    (and it can't be read by a machine)

    This fictional (or not) piece was written as a response to the brilliant exposition by Robokku, I hope he can take as much pleasure from this as I did from his.
    Notes and links:
    *Auchentoshan 18 Year Old:

    The image inserted in the text is the earliest-known written appearance of the word "freedom" (amagi), or "liberty." It is taken from a clay document written about 2300 B.C. in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash. (Wiki commons)

    possibly part of the ultrashorts project

    Wed, Jan 28, 2009  Permanent link
    Categories: polytopian, multitudes,ultrashorts
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    ohmybrokenleg     Wed, Jan 28, 2009  Permanent link
    'Do I contradict myself? of course I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes'... I think those were Whitman words, I tried to translate them to spanish (the lot) some years ago, though I stopped when I found that Borges had previously and brilliantly done the job. That is only part of the point, for one question anyone might find everywhere, reading Agamben with Right Hand, Toni Negri with Left Hand, Deleuze on top of the Head, in one feet Benjamin and in the other Castoriadis. Eagleton as well as several books of poetry filling the pockets of the manteau. Some are translations. And so, that intensive question: How many translations of the polytopia are needed, how many languages, dialects and gestures, which alphabet should we employ? And of course, last but first, our senses, why do we only develop the 'royal' ones (audio, video), bound maybe to that corruption because of the actual limitations of technology research?

    [Beg you pardon my painful struggle with the English Language, the way I manage to]
    Fast T     Thu, Jan 29, 2009  Permanent link
    We love it:)
    SAILOR     Thu, Jan 29, 2009  Permanent link
    This is amazing,I think the Sumerians held the true knowledge of truth,history and all things.

    rawsilk     Fri, Jan 30, 2009  Permanent link
    Elegantly right to the point.. love it :)
    many (many ;) thanks !