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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    What are babies made of?
    Project: Polytopia
    "At the dawn of societies, men saw their passage on Earth as nothing more than a labyrinth of pain, at the end of which stood a door leading, via their death, to the company of gods and to Eternity. With the Hebrews and then the Greeks, some men dared free themselves from theological demands and dream of an ideal City where Liberty would flourish. Others, noting the evolution of the market society, understood that the liberty of some would entail the alienation of others, and they sought Equality." (J.Attali describes how our dreams of utopia have changed over time,Quoted by Bill joy in his essay: Why the future doesn't need us - Wired)

    The Quickening (By Mohir)

    We desire a Polytopia for many reasons, but truly at the end of the day what it all comes down to is a deep, very deep, desire for freedom for all.
    Freedom for all they tell us is complex and complicated and to some degree, we may or we might, as the case may be, agree that it is in fact a complex issue, however when the emotional reality of our life comes into play, complexity bows out of the stage and leaves an empty room for the love of life.
    Love of life in its myriad expressions, infinite diversity, and incredible beauty.
    This, love of life, this passion for that which is high requires the empty room of simplicity, a realization.
    Some say that for this to be realized one needs to be in an altered state.
    We do not think so.
    One does not need to use the term ‘altered state’ in this case, for the very usage of the term ‘altered’ in ‘altered state’ assumes a common state to which an alteration is needed, required or indeed possible.
    We think in fact that a conscious aware intelligent entity, being autonomous in its process of self-reflection and independent in identity is at any given moment in the state of participation in life, in the evolutionary process of all life.
    The very fact that we are alive and consciously aware implies that we participate in life, there remains however two main issues to solve, two questions, the first is whether the participation is willful and voluntary and the second is whether our willful participation is meaningful.

    For the act of participation we need do nothing in particular but existing within the continuum of the flow of events; for a voluntary and meaningful participation however we need be committed.
    Committed in a fashion that will bring about a transcultural aesthetic singularity, a response to the technological singularity, the response of the conscious aware intelligent entity, the human.
    Such a commitment is required for two simple reasons; to overcome the natural and merge seamlessly with an enhanced reality and so the occurrence of transcultural events will in time overcome the bias of separated beingness.

    Transformations (By Mohir)

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

    Henry David Thoreau

    What are babies made of ? Or the Art of being committed

    Babies are made of voluntary meaningful participation.
    Babies are made of commitments.
    Babies are made of dreams, and desires and conjunction of forces and circumstances and flesh meeting flesh, and DNA and an accomplishment of loves mutually converging on a choice of actuation, an optimistic choice that the fruits of our loins will be an upgrade in and of our own continuation.
    Babies are beautiful, and cute, and innocent, and above suspicion, and yet babies should be a representation of our voluntary meaningful participation in the process of life.
    We willfully but mostly unconsciously put ourselves at the disposition of Mother Nature and her genetic needs of continuity and claim not without presumption, that we did so of our own volition and without preconditions.

    But is it really so?

    It is our view that making babies, as creating our futures and shaping our minds should be a voluntary meaningful participation.

    George Bernard Shaw once said that if you have an apple and I have an apple, and we exchange apples, we both still only have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange ideas, we each now have two ideas.
    Now lets take this a step further, if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange ideas, we each now have two ideas. But, if we both take our ideas and fertilize each other’s ideas we now have ideas that generate ideas, a never-ending process of idea generation mechanism/s.
    Now, let us assume that ideas are representations of intelligence, and intelligence can become non-local (not functionally dependent on the particular individual) and the process of self-guided evolution* can be directed to non-locality, what do we get?
    We get an ever-evolving conscious aware entity that continuously generates its own solution to the riddle of its own existence.
    A cross-pollinating mind happening, generating a quasi-infinite number of elucidations and clarifications to the process of autonomy and liberty, freedom and fulfillment.
    So this is what Mr. Shaw meant when he said:” Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself”?

    We think so. Which is why, to our eyes, we are in a continuous process of self-creation, a process we have as a species just started and are passionate about. The manner and means of self guided evolution is only now reaching a stage of maturity, but even at this early stage we can ascertain that we are progressing; progressing towards a greater and much subtler reality. A reality in which and by which our/the otherness will infiltrate our/the beingness, in other words a reality of hyperconnectivity, multidimensionality, and multidirectionality, encompassing the feeling of universality into the unique escape from the cycle of insufficient and highly incongruent “isms”. The very fact that we are able to appropriate reality to our higher faculties implies that we are made of the right stuff, the stuff of self-creation.

    Because of this we are self-described optimists.

    We are humans, and as such we do not suffer the tragedy of perfection, we do however indulge in the necessity of optimism if for no other reason that optimism is an evolutionary and indispensable attitude.
    In fact we would go as far as claiming that optimism is probably favored by natural selection.
    Optimism, sanguinity and confidence are necessary for many reasons, however in this part we wish to focus on an unusual reason.
    The reason for optimism beside its evolutionary necessity is one of pleasure, we put forward.
    A very particular form of pleasure, a pleasure of the higher faculties of the human mind, we speak, of course, about the pleasure of Voluntary Meaningful Participation.

    Three words, yet highly significant, for by their very arrangement these words convey the perfumes of the futures, the futures in which privileges and duties seamlessly converge in the enactment of participation, Voluntary Meaningful Participations (VMP).

    Connectivity (By Mohir)

    Participation in what?

    Participation in the process of evolution, evolution of the mind, evolution of the global mind, evolution of culture, evolution of civilization, evolution of the human species, indeed participation in the evolutionary process in general.

    Voluntary meaningful participation is the hallmark of the conscious aware intelligent entity that we are; it implies a willful agent that has realized its freedom to actuate a reality that is other than the immediate experience of being.
    Other than the old Neolithic mind system prescribes.

    There are a number of ways by which a voluntary meaningful participation can be realized and understood, the one proposed here is the original confidence of the progressive mind in its ability to commit to freedom.
    Commitment as James Womack so succinctly put it “..unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into reality.”

    Commitment to freedom; freedom from time and body, freedom from past and stale beliefs, liberty from karma and traditional knowledge, independence of thought and feeling, autonomy of beingness and sapience, the self reliant love of presence and the sustainable mutuality of all.

    Committing to freedom, though sounding simple and easy, is no walk in the park, for to truly commit to personal freedom is to commit to a universal freedom.
    To commit to universal freedom in turn implies taking the responsibility on human nature, requiring a deep confidence in one’s personal ability to outreach nature’s random selection of emotional inclinations and mental penchants.
    This deep confidence is the dreamer’s choice and the hearts longing.
    It is this confidence in the human possibility to outgrow its shackles and undo its bonds that allows the progressive minds to perform their duty.
    The duty and privileges that seamlessly converge are the natural outcome of self-uplifting, upgrading the myths of old and updating the emotional /motivational reasoning which allows us to carry mental emotional commitments.

    Unfoldment (By Mohir)

    “The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it's not without doubt but in spite of doubt.”

    Dr. Rollo May

    The personal ability to carry out mental emotional commitments plays a central role in the direction, intensity and persistence of sanity, none higher than the ability to commit to personal freedom.
    Personal freedom stands proudly as the cornerstone of the consciously aware intelligent entity known in these parts of the universe as the human.
    Conscious aware intelligent entities imply themselves unto the world; hence personal freedom deploys itself into universal freedom.
    Universal freedom in turn allows the beacon of reason and rationality to shine forth, acceptance of all that is beautiful to move forward and self directed evolution to gain its spring.
    To allow self-directed evolution the humans, also called conscious aware intelligent entities, have evolved the capacity to commit to freedom, a kind of commitment that makes all the difference.

    A Difference if so, a difference that makes a difference, initiates as commitment to personal freedom, evolves and implies unto the world, evolves and deploys into universal freedom and in so doing updates and upgrades reality; both the personal reality of the committed and the ecology in which one thrives.
    In the process, hyperconnectivity emerges, coaxed into existence by the presence of mind of the conscious aware intelligent entity.
    Such is the power of commitment that it may allow the bypass of the Neolithic mind into a post-human enlightenment. The kind of commitment referred to here however has to be understood in its proper context, that of evolution of the mind. It is totally unlike the kind of commitment professed by the Neolithic mind concerning the downward spiral of blood relation and instinct (commitment to family, spouse, children, food, shelter, survival and so on), all justifiable but obsolete; it is concomitantly unlike the horizontal vortex of commitments to society, particular culture, folklore, patriotism, and the like, all acceptable, reasonable, valid and equally archaic.

    The upward commitment to personal freedom evolves into universal freedom and does in no way contradict nor diminishes the importance, consequence, and significance both of the downward spiral commitments nor of the horizontal ones, it does however point towards a different kind of possibility for the evolving mind, the self directed evolutionary procedure of becoming else.

    Else = A Polytopian


    *Self-guided evolution refers to the ability of a conscious aware intelligent entity to wrestle the reins of its own evolution from the hands of “mother nature”. The term refers specifically to the directionality and resource allocation of a liberated mind. Having said the above the term is generic and in principle is not to be regarded on an individual basis but is species related.

    Note: This paper was written as a collaborative Polytopian project between Mohir and Wildcat and in conversations with other self-described Polytopians.

    These photographs were chosen for their visual correlation to the ideas presented above.

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