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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Blended Realities: Superstructing Realities, a game/experiment
    Project: Polytopia
    The Signtific Lab is a public laboratory for developing and sharing cutting edge ideas about the future of science and technology and yesterday ‘notthisbody’ and myself (wildcat2030) took part in a surprisingly interesting Game cum Experiment at Signtific Lab Via the Institute for the Future (iftf)

    The game/experiment entitled:” 'Blended Realities: Superstructing Realities”
    See video presentation:

    the gist of the game:

    "In 2019, we live in superstructed realities, where physical life and digital life can merge together any way you choose.

    Everyone is a media channel, and every body is a data stream. Every physical thing can be programmed for interaction, and every living thing can join your social network. Everything is rehearsed and relived. Every place is both physical and virtual.

    Life is a customized version of what you want to see, who you want to be, and what you want to know.

    Your superstructing tool kit in 2019 includes:
    · Geolocation tools
    · Biometrics and accelerometers
    · Handheld augmented reality
    · Simulation engines
    · Lifecasting platforms
    · Social networks for every living thing
    · Avatars everywhere
    · Virtual worlds based on real worlds

    In your superstructed reality, what will you make? What will you play? What will you learn?"

    The experiment was fascinating for a number of reasons:
    First, the experiment provided a real time platform that allowed a wide range of ideas and opinions to be presented in a free flowing manner, both positive and negative scenarios for the year 2019.
    Second, the game allowed four kinds of scenario involvements following either the positive and negative played cards, these are:

    * “No way!” If you disagree, play an antagonism card.
    * “Yes! And…” If you agree, play a momentum card.
    * “Yes! But…” If you agree, but if you can imagine the forecast playing out differently in your field or part of the world, play an adaptation card.
    * “Hmmm…” If you have a follow-up question, play an investigation card.
    (See the full ‘How to play’ here) link

    The third aspect that to mind was probably the most important was the manner in which it allowed a direct observation of the human at play in the process of envisioning the future. In this respect, some of the players showed a highly developed sense of the current zeitgeist and therefore their predictions/imaginations relied mainly on a direct extrapolation of the current state of affairs, seemingly mostly negative. However the players that were less attached to the current reality and took their cues from new technologies just now entering the field of viability, were mostly positive in their outlook.

    The general sense of the experiment however was one of active participation, fully immersive, highly addictive, lots of good will and interesting points of view. The level of mutuality encountered was high and respect abounded, sudden threads arose and fell on a momentary basis. The hyperconnected reality that the game/experiment presented was that given the right and smooth platform of exchange of pov’s humans will share their ideas and will try to harness their intelligence for the betterment of all.

    That to us was both enlightening and very comforting.

    We played our cards in a fashion consistent with the Polytopia project, endeavoring to present hope for a better future, in which a transcultural event in which borders disappear and technology is harnessed for the increase in combined intelligence of humans all over is the reality we share.

    Nothisbody adds:
    " There is, however, another aspect of this experiment that leaves us unfulfilled. What is to be done once we superstruct a Polytopian reality and its pitfalls, crags, peaks, valleys & obstacles on the way to it? And continue to keep up to date on the latest developments that open up new challenges and possibilities?

    Not taking anything away from the work (for it is admirable) of Signtific & the Institute for the Future, Superstructing Realities and it's predecessor Superstruct were so successful because it provided the general public (read: interested & active) concerned by these issues with a platform to share their ideas, open them up to input, and gain a fuller picture of the whole.

    At the moment, there is a lack of this platform to continue the investigations, whether of positive or negative imagination for the general public (I'm sure many think tanks and governments are also working on the same ideas, and their research stays private) outside the confines of an 'experiment'. An experiment brings to mind an isolated environment, and what we require is viable action, so that the most important and insightful ideas can be further refined, processed, and acted upon.

    That being said, here is a selection of the positive imagination ideas presented:

    So what's the BEST thing
    that might happen?

    cardboard officially considered building material on dry lands. basic holog broadcasts and scribbles create space. stratified dwellings.
    by daryl
    An ad-less society - industries based off advertising will lose their strength as word of mouth/word of mind/trust of minds takes hold.
    by notthisbody
    The data web (semantic web) is widely adopted. Connections are drawn between seemingly unrelated data sets. Diseases are cured.
    by mac_monkey
    AR widgets are introduced allowing avatar mashups
    by dcaron
    Virtual currencies are an accepted form of payment. Thank God I'm a World of Warcraft addict!
    by Paul_Atreides
    Relationships we cultivate with plants in our homes provide us with genetic material in case we need a transplant or other medical issues.
    by lechuza_mundo
    Virtual currencies are accepted for child support payments. I can play World of Warcraft and feel good about myself.
    by Paul_Atreides

    and a selection of negative imagination ideas presented:

    So what's the WORST thing
    that might happen?

    Society becomes obsessed with choice-optimization, such that modern life becomes a statistical game instead of a human experience.
    by AnalogousProjects
    bankable nazi processes start enron typed think-thanks for exponential lies. huge money.
    by daryl
    official mom and dads schools for for 6 y/o kids, not a game anymore but training. virtual bedroom with split beds.
    by daryl
    Prisons are created in VR with the ability to disable or dull one's mind. Executions are carried out via brain shortcircuiting.
    by Elle
    virtuality considered as postmodern aberration. art of living standardized. art of thinking atrophied. mnemosyne dies.
    by daryl
    virtuality considered as postmodern aberration. art of living standardized. art of thinking atrophied. mnemosyne dies.
    by daryl
    The digital divide becomes an uncrossable chasm. Wealthy societies lose the (already loose) connections with the rest of humanity.
    by aknown

    # This post is a collaboration between Notthisbody and Wildcat

    Your thoughts on the issue are most welcome and most needed

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    notthisbody     Fri, Apr 24, 2009  Permanent link
    A great step in the right direction: the first Superstruct findings have been released by the Institute for the Future. HERE's the announcement.

    For the past five months, IFTF’s Ten-Year Forecast Team has been analyzing the collective body of Superstruct work, in light of other major perspective essays on new forms of governance, networked citizens, geoengineering, and superstructed realities. We’ve focused our Superstruct research on the following question: What is the next major evolutionary phase for human organization?

    And today, we are pleased to share with you the first round of findings.

    These Superstruct findings are the first in the IFTF Annual TYF: Superstruct Series. With these we present to you the first 50-Year Scenario, "The Long Crisis". and "Superstructing Outcomes", five ways "you'll know you're superstructing when..."

    Over the next few months, we will be publishing additional Superstruct maps and perspectives online., including the next in the series: "Superstruct Strategies"— 7 actionable strategies that emerged during our game analysis. You’ll be able to follow the series and download all of the research at our 10 Year Forecast RSS feed.

    Read the excerpt HERE