Comment on Beauty Is A Restless Entity

Spaceweaver Mon, Jun 29, 2009
Very pleasant and thought provoking read.

It is self-evident that nothing concerning beauty and by consequence aesthetics is self-evident

As to the restless quality of beauty, it is well known for quite a while that consciousness is one of the most expensive (in terms of energy) functions of the human organism. Therefore our brains are adapted to minimize, so to speak, the activity of consciousness. It has been established in a few experiments that only events with potentially unpredictable outcomes, the kind of events that might demand an unconventional response, are brought into consciousness. Consciousness seems to be the organism's most powerful tool for dealing with change.

An idea that I immediately associated with this post, is that beauty is the catalyzing agent of our conscious reflective processes. Beauty is a special kind of disturbance that awakens and expands consciousness. Beauty seduces our brains to become extraordinarily generous in using the expensive resource of consciousness. The aesthetic experience is always a conscious experience and it always involves an expansive alteration of our consciousness. (beauty therefore is permeated by both danger and eroticism...)

As to our posthumanist future, it is clear to me that prediction and projection are conceptually limited tools. My understanding is that our only viable access to a posthuman future is by expanding our consciousness. If this is so, aesthetics may indeed be a primary key.