Comment on Beauty Is A Restless Entity

Ashalynd Mon, Jun 29, 2009
An interesting article, I would really like to go into all links mentioned there... A couple of thoughts, may be not directly related to it.

The purpose of art is to deliver a message. The less cluttered it is, the more it resonates with the message receiver, the more beautiful the work of art appears to be for the person who "beholds" it (I don't say "sees" because art doesn't have to be visual). In this sense, beauty indeed catalyzes the consciousness of the observer: it helps to bring the message across as if by some magical shortcut.

I think that the focus in the future will be more on synergy between individuals and on forming the collectively conscient entity, which can do more than any single human that will be part of it. Beauty of human creations is something that glues the humans together. Beauty of nature is something that helps the humans to "get in sync" with the nature, because we are not only parts of the human collective, but are also parts of the more complex and intricate clockwork called Universe, and we can't be sure if we now have full enough understanding of our part in it. By the logic alone it is not always possible, because human logic is based on human knowledge and it is limited. Beauty can come as a hint that some higher knowledge might exist, even if we can't grasp it yet ("there are always truths which can't be proven").

The idea about genetically modified animals sounds rather scary, I can't agree with it because it would transmute an animal into a sort of biological machine, not sure it this is something that people really need, but from the other side, the idea of animal-like machines helping humans to get over psychological problems might make sense. As adopting physical hygiene had a broad influence on people's health, life expectations and life style, so could be the adopting of "mental hygiene", when people would routinely use methods more or less commonly agreed upon to maintain sound phychological state. May be it will be one of the main goals of the future development of the human society as the people learn to cooperate with each other in better ways.

I wish one day wars would be seen as something of the same order as the plague outbreaks. The origin of every war, or lesser-scale conflict, lies in misunderstanding. And by the way, beauty,when seen as a way of bringing the message across, even when there seemed to be little chance to deliver it properly, has been considered one of the miracles that could help to stop the conflicts between people or to reduce the damage caused by them. Which form it can take is indeed never to be predicted, because it is never known what, in the given circumstances, is the best way to make yourself understood to another. Life is always imperfect, and that is also a quality of beauty. Imperfect means there is a space to grow, which means there is an interesting future to expect. So, indeed, it's beatiful to be restless :)