Comment on Beauty Is A Restless Entity

Fast T Sat, Jul 4, 2009
Where 'good form', as construed by our historic efforts of interaction, may call for a pause of acknowledgement, flow - as the spinal cord of intelligence, may do without.
This forms in my awareness as i'm contemplating the aesthetic way of thanking wildcat for his comment, while being pulled into a softer form of interaction. One in which a slight nod will conjure a bridging bit upon which this communication will flow in beauty and thus will deepen the interaction.
This direction of thinking brings me into greater coherency as to:
Beauty I understand to be a fluid and emergent sense oriented perceptive realization occurring in the mind as a form of knowledge.
Now it feels that indeed my understanding has expanded as to where Beauty and Aesthetics are touched in this essay.
Yet the coarser question still nags me, as to the "emergent sense oriented perceptive realization". vis. What and how that emergent sense etc. happens.
I call it "coarser " since I identify it as residing in a less open dimension of coming into interaction with the ideas presented here and in my own mind. But I am not altogether clear about the navigation that connects these different dimensions of apprehending and interacting.
It seems as there are differnet types of aesthetics involved here. I would love hearing your take on that.