Comment on Considering a Polytopia - The notes

collective matt Wed, Jul 15, 2009
Space Collective always draws me in with ideas— thoughts that seem to be just blossoming in my own mind. Only recently have I begun to delve deeply into the truths surrounded by Buddhism. A post like this resonates strongly within me, tying together my own thoughts of intelligence, fractals, Buddhism, non-duality.
The word intelligence to me means a form of “here and now” static information. The word wisdom may carry more meaning in a timeless dynamic context. “The collective wisdom” sounds good. But aside from semantics, the words only form barriers when attempting to communicate something deeper than language. Indeed oversimplification destroys the inherent beauty and complexity of infinity.

“The process of intelligence is both fractal (resonating across scales of contexts) and scalable (can be applied across scales and dimensions).”

Thanks again wildcat.