Comment on Considering a Polytopia - The notes

gamma Sat, Jul 18, 2009
Those are not Buddhas. It is the grand KiamiokaNDE experiment for detecting neutrinos.

Neutrinos are the "cough" in "atoms are made of protons, neutrons, electrons and cough". They usually cough, because the particle is mysterious. It can pass through entire Earth without interaction - most do, but some hit tiny little Buddhas who burp for antineutrinos and wink for neutrinos.

I like to live in the center of culture. (Currently in a city). I see cities giving opportunities for intelligence. I still need to graduate "Sex and the City" though. Most of the years, I spontaneously missed the series/concept, but I rediscovered the wit and problems on a reality tv I watched for a brief while. Intelligence is made of variety, good memory, and programmable neural networks. Intelligence shuffles fixed patterns and re-applies procedures on an ever emerging tree of information channels.

Intelligence reminds me of bundles of fiber optic cables. Their ends are tricky, maybe like stars, maybe like cities or just streaming arrays of data, and our conversation is part of the bundle.

(Kamioka is a city in Japan. KamiokaNDE is a photomultiplier catching tiny lights in clear, distilled water tank.  So very sorry.)