Comment on Considering a Polytopia - The notes

Wildcat Mon, Jul 20, 2009
veilde : "Is it that intelligence by its own definition is an emergent property of a collective?"

yes and no, it is not so much that intelligence is an emergent property of a collective but that a collective of conscious aware intelligent entities fosters the space in which an intelligence can dance its exploratory flow. In this respect I am trying to disassociate the intelligence of the individual as a conceptual unique phenomenon from the intelligence of the collective which as I understand it belongs to a different class of events. (complex inter-subjective)

veilde :"With whom or with what does ‘intelligence’ "share" its collectiveness??"

here again I understand that intelligence on the collective level is not directly correlated to the concept of sharing. We as humans, individual humans, use the term share. Intelligence is not a sharing and does not share in and of itself (for that it would have been described as an independent entity- whatever that may mean). Intelligence on the collective level stands for a co-created/emergent event. In this sense, ‘intelligence’ in the term collective intelligence is less of a knowing state of the individual and more akin to a field that can be tapped into. In other words the individuals can tap into the intelligence of the collective, but the intelligence of the collective does not manifests its sharing unless the individual conscious aware mechanism taps into it.
Put differently, since intelligence is both fractal and scalable , we my say that the event of intelligence appears differently and is thus subject to different rules according to the level in which it is being described. On the level of the collective then (and even here we may need define the extent of said collective in order to describe accurately how intelligence manifests) the intelligent event manifests as the correlated transformational /metamorphosis reality it stands for.

Veilde:" 'Collective', if I understood you clearly, does not necessarily mean collaboration with other humans, as I have thought before, but a re-orientation in the abstract space of potentialities, "evolutionary path", "an entering into partnership with the world, a collaboration of conscious activity".

If "collectiveness", is a collaboration with the flow at play, within the context of the moment, can we relate to this intelligence as a particular case of meditation??”"

actually this is an interesting correlation I haven’t thought about, I am not certain what you mean by “collectiveness” (a property/ability/capability?) but if I take it to mean the property arising from “entering into partnership with the world” in an open ended, non rigid format, then yes it could be that the collective “feel” of the flow, is a particular case of meditation.
That is fascinating proposition, for which I thank you much, for it implies that just as intelligence is fractal and multidimensional, so is meditation. Thus if we enter into a larger territory of experience, extended via other individuals, influencing the intelligent event, our conscious awareness transforms in the process. That our personal description of ourselves transforms via social interaction is obvious and well known, what may be new in this description however is the possible fact that being part of an intelligent event collective, changes/transforms our own exploratory powers of depth perception in a manner that we probably could not attain individually.
It appears that when as individuals we take part in a larger intelligent event the correlated benefits to our sense of being, expand dramatically.
I believe that a certain level of resonance within a given culture, especially as concerns the language used for description is necessary for that to happen. However if and when an initial agreement as to the semantics implied by our language is reached I think that yes, in this case intelligence as an event with no fixed point of origination or goal can be called meditation.
My own experience in social networks of interests on many levels definitely correlates to this idea. Cross-fertilization is definitely the main benefit, but a deep sense of extension through others into the larger reality we inhabit but rarely perceive is definitely there as well. In this sense I understand the term meditation. (does that make sense to you?)