Comment on Considering a Polytopia - The notes

Fast T Mon, Jul 20, 2009
"Moreover since intelligence is always in motion, by definition it will disturb the silhouette of the context in which and to which it is applied. That in fact is the meaning of open ended (ness), for by eliminating the conceptual rigidity of the context, intelligence (by its very motion), opens, as it were, the context to fresh paths of potentialities."

This, to me says that intelligence, first and foremost is beautiful.

"intelligence can be defined as the engine of meaning creation and meaning application."

I think these descriptions are seated at the most convenient abstract level to start an intelligent discussion of intelligence.
Earlier today, on Friendfeed Wildcat said in response to this comment:

’yes that was the intent, to lay out the foundation of distinction between intelligence on a personal level and intelligence on a collective level, I think they belong to two very different classes of semantic objects.’

I turn to the ending paragraph of this post:
"In this case the comprehension and understanding resulting from the application of the process of intelligence will always occur later than the actual re-description (implying a delayed reaction between intelligence and comprehension”.

I wish to make a point that this (semantic) distinction sheds some very relevant light on the relation Intelligence - Application of intelligence in the comprehending unit, or individual.
We humans have a relation with our intelligence, so to speak, where we don’t always fully bring into consideration the motion of intelligence and the changes in the environments (of our minds mainly) that influence its ebbing and flow. I think that the idea of ‘owning our intelligence’ which is associated with the process of application is one of the reasons for confusion about intelligence. I further believe that accommodating the notion of collective intelligence involves a release of the idea of ownership. For in order to indeed immerse in the flow of intelligence, the very disentanglement of representations from the urgent senses begins with an open attitude or better still, open or beautiful mind.