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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Unfastened Intensions, Polytopia The notes pt2
    Project: Polytopia
    “There is no meaning if meaning is not shared, and not because there would be an ultimate or first signification that all beings have in common, but because meaning is itself the sharing of Being.”

    Jean-Luc Nancy

    Consider the idea that a Polytopia is a ground for engagement, an emotional, intellectual and passionate engagement within our ever-evolving cyber-existence.

    A cyber-ground for an aesthetic singularity.

    Consider furthermore that a Polytopia may be looked at as a game.
    A very special and powerful kind of game; a game of semantic co-extensive mutuality.
    Consider the fact that a semantic co-extensive mutuality need be fostered and cannot be ordered on command.

    The Polytopia project thus can be seen as a game, grounding the engagement required for allowing a semantic co-extensive mutuality to emerge. Eventually a Polytopia might allow an aesthetic collective intelligence of humanity to come forth and thrive.

    Ahh! Simple really, we need design our futures, so as to be disentangled from our pasts.

    # All views are interdependent and inherently ambiguous #

    About Intelligence

    In my previous post “ Considering a Polytopia –the notes” I have presented a number of possible definitions for the term Intelligence in the context of collective intelligence:

    # Intelligence is fundamentally Rhizomatic

    # Intelligence is a recurrent unified flow and ordering of impressions of continuity in all things, a procedure for our repetitive re-orientation in the abstract space of potentialities.

    # Intelligence might be said to be (a process within) an evolutionary path of increasing disentanglement of representations from the urgent senses, the enlargement of an ever more complex mind happening.

    # Intelligence is essentially a term describing a reading of forms into meanings, a reading recognizing an entering into partnership with the world, a collaboration of conscious activity.

    #Intelligence need be looked at as a process of inter-subjective cross-dimensional activity defining a framework with no particular direction.

    Resulting in :

    # Intelligence can be said to be a process then, a continuous process of orientation and re-orientation, an iterative, recursive, restructuring of the very meaning it is applied to. Put differently, intelligence is the term applied to the reading of coordinates of implications when applied to a particular context. Moreover, since intelligence is always in motion, by definition it will disturb the silhouette of the context in which and to which it is applied. That in fact is the meaning of open ended (ness), for by eliminating the conceptual rigidity of the context, intelligence (by its very motion), opens, as it were, the context to fresh paths of potentialities.

    And finally:

    # Intelligence is the active ingredient in innovation and creativity, in whatever field of human endeavor it is applied.
    The process of intelligence is both fractal (resonating across scales of contexts) and scalable (can be applied across scales and dimensions).

    Concerning the term collective:

    Just as the terms: normal, natural, gender and self (and many others) have changed and are changing in the techno-culture we exist in so is the case with the term collective.
    We cannot, and to my eyes should not, continue to use the term in the same fashion that we used to. The reasons for this, ranging from the technological innovations that are flooding us, day in and day out, to the actual reality of our hyperconnected transnational culture are obvious.
    But there is another, in a sense more profound reason for the change I am advocating. The reason I shall reflect upon here, is that if we truly desire a posthuman reality, disassociated from our recurrent evolutionary patterns of behavior we need re-define the contours of the discourse, in this case the expression designating the pattern is the term collective.
    In a manner of speaking we need (a la’ Deleuze) to de-territorialize the term collective.
    First some weeding concerning the term collective:

    1. A crowd/ is not a collective
    2. A tribe/a People is not a collective
    3. A village/city/neighborhood is not a collective
    4. A group is not a collective
    5. A social network is not a collective
    6. An ethnic group is not a collective
    7. A clan is not a collective
    8. A race is not a collective
    9. A family unit is not a collective
    10. Insert your own…

    The point is that all these terms might under certain descriptions be called ‘collectives’ but under the necessity of clarifying the concept of collective intelligence I do not think that the term should be applied so casually.

    "I've always been suspicious of collective truths. " Eugene Ionesco

    What if so is a collective?

    A collective is a term we use to describe an aggregation of entities. These entities maybe humans, animals, hybrids, cyborgs, AI, ideas, actions, and so on, or a combination of the above; these are some of the possible aggregates that are necessary but insufficient for understanding what a collective stands for.
    For an aggregate of entities to be called a collective the first issue that needs be addressed is the unique perspective allowed to the individual participant. There is no inherent meaning to the term collective unless the fiercely independent sense perception thought of the individual is the distinctive unit of appreciation.
    Necessary but insufficient! The fierce independence need be of interest to at least one other reflective component. Moreover if we accept the fact that it is meaningless to speak of collective intelligence without the fiercely independent mindfulness of the individual we need also accept that it is meaningless to speak of a symmetrical collective.
    In fact a collective as I understand it in the term collective intelligence is inherently an asymmetrical aggregate.
    A collective is asymmetrical in almost any conceivable aspect but the condensation of direction and its correlated interest.
    The condensation of direction is basically the emergent property of an aggregate of beings, whatever their embodiments, operating as a consensual autonomy of inter-subjective agreements of interest.
    It will not, for example, necessitate a space and a time to co habit, it will however necessitate a highly clarified conceptual language. Put differently, a collective is not known by its material and /or physical manifestation, (though it may have one) but by its correlated arena of interest.
    A correlated arena of interest might be said to be the “collectiveness” of an aggregate of beings.

    In principle a correlated arena of interest is a term applied to an aggregate of beings/entities operating as a dynamic complex system, supervening upon and closely coupled to the involved agents.
    The arena of interest is the opening manifestation of a collective; if an arena of interest has been defined, by implication a collective has emerged.

    However even that is not sufficient, for a correlated arena of interest to morph into a collective a number of necessary conditions are implied:

    #Reciprocal grasping and sympathetic understanding
    #Intuitive comprehension of the agreed upon language
    # An innate acceptance of the singularity of the individual
    # A qualitative expression of the future of the aggregate is made explicit.
    # Critical position, thought & questioning is adopted as the foundation of transparency.

    If these initial conditions are met a collective can be said to have emerged, from this point on the game of semantic co-extensive mutuality starts.

    The game implies three particulates:

    1. That the correlated arena of interest is based on the principle of self-guided evolution.
    2. That the correlated arena of interest is fluid, open sourced and open ended, multidirectional, multipurpose and void of center.
    3. That the correlated arena of interest is an independent event, allowing for adhocracy, disregarding initial conditions (gender, race, creed etc.)

    In fact only from this point on a Polytopia as grounding occurrence can be said to have come forth.

    If as I think, Intelligence in the context of a collective is a recurrent unified flow and ordering of impressions of continuity in all things, a procedure for our repetitive re-orientation in the abstract space of potentialities. And collective is an aggregate of beings operating in an arena of correlated interests, we can now state that a collective intelligence (CI) as a term stands for:

    An occurrence, an event, an aggregate of beings, implementing a recurrent unified flow of interests as an exploratory mode, of potential and probabilities in the space of possibilities.
    In other words, Collective Intelligence is an exploratory occurrence of an aggregate without a given plan. No design can allow for unfastened intelligence to come forth, it is the very freedom of the flow of inter-subjective alliances, occurring as an event, de-territorialized from its own past constraints, that carries the fresh perspective, the motion of realization.

    That a CI requires a meta-concurrence, a non-design of social flow space implemented as a domain of multiple directionality is obvious. Such is the proposition of a Polytopia.

    A Polytopia can be seen as following a meta-concurrence project of activating a multidimensional platform of engagement.
    It can be seen as a transcultural global event of openness, living and thriving on the net.
    It can also be seen as a merging and enmeshing of diverse perceptions of reality. And it can also be understood as an open-ended and open sourced polylogue.
    It is an evolving aesthetic cyber existential domain, relinquishing our rigid past flows for the allowance of a posthuman reality.
    In as much as our past spaces are flowing into newly designed flow spaces, our intelligence as an exploratory mode of being requires collectiveness.
    The Polytopia project offers an exciting adventure in which we may re-design our mind space, our info-flows and our life-streams.

    A Polytopia then can be said to be a futuristic implementation of a ground for engagement.

    I think of the Polytopia as an invitation and a challenge, an invitation from the future, our future, to rise above our history, now.
    A challenge to our conceptual minds.

    In this sense Polytopia I understand as a catalyst, a set of ideas in progress meant to promote a fresh kind of aesthetic/cognitive realization in our civilization.

    "Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone."

    Jorge Luis Borges

    shortly to be continued..

    some other notes:

    #this is a work in progress and all figures of speech should be taken as such

    # Unfastened Intensions = Liberating future thoughts from past meaning relations

    Intension: In linguistics, logic, philosophy, and other fields, an intension is any property or quality connoted by a word, phrase or other symbol. In the case of a word, it is often implied by the word's definition. The term may also refer to all such intensions collectively, although the term comprehension is technically more correct for this.

    # On a more personal note I need state that I am simultaneously highly attracted by the term Collective Intelligence and also highly repelled by it. And if I am to use it, I need the term to fit perfectly that which I perceive as our posthuman possibly unfolding futures.

    #Whilst writing this post I was listening to the amazing progressive rock band- Ozric Tentacles

    #And pondering the poetry of G.Carlin: ““I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fuckin’ heroic.”

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