Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Wildcat Mon, Sep 14, 2009
Ashalynd: "What makes us choose for this or another road every time we reach the crossing? Why can't we choose both? If we should restrict ourselves to reach anything at all (and why?) - where does it comes from, the wish to approach everything, from stars and galaxies to the thoughts inside the others' brains and to the tiniest particles which may or may not be real? How to balance the wish to reach out with the need to reach something ?"

I think the concept of reaching out and the concept of reaching something should be transmuted into the concept of embracing, a kind of absorption if you like. The point is to relinquish the apparent separation of goal and journey, or decision and choice of path. If as I suggested in the above post we have no inherent essentiality as such, we may be able to transform into a kind of all embracing entity. In this case the reality of choice becomes a fluid dance and motion in cyberspace. The wish (if wish indeed it is) to approach all and everything is fundamental to the interconnected reality of all life, I don't see a problem here, merely a coherent realization of the actual state of affairs of our conscious aware apparatus?