Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Fast T Mon, Sep 14, 2009
Wildcat, thank you for a moving entry.
The idea of multiple essentialities implies a fundamental approach to life in which no pre-programmed model or a conceptualization of a model is already present in the mind of the committed.

That is a starting point that I suspect is hardly ever the start :) and that is why I love this post! For in a unique manner, cruising through this piece of interaction connects me with a journey of exploration that affords to cross ways with this statement without necessarily locating this so important statement at any fixed point. And perhaps that is the kind of commitment that applies here.

In the movie trailer there is a reference to unconditional support. I understand that to be the raw material of one's commitment, in fact, of one's state of mind. In a way, put graphically I visualize this state as a horse harnessed behind the carriage, or perhpas better yet, it stands for an engine and a vehicle enmashed together. So intuitively, I resonate strongly with the mind-scape and state of affairs presented via this post.
Still, i would have like to better understand the use of the concept of multiple essentialities, as you apply it.