Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Wildcat Tue, Sep 15, 2009
Thank you Fast T-
you managed to pinpoint with accuracy the main theme of this post and I appreciate much this fact. The concept of multiple essentialities is one that I see as highly correlated to the Polytopia project; by definition a Polytopia implies multiple (poly) topos or multiple states of affairs to which we need bring our full attention and passion, getting there is only partially the problem, the issue of course is to deregulate the myth of the coherent self. We do not have a central point of existence, a one essential reality manufacturing process, we have many such modules, each and every one of these as essential as the other, each legitimate on its own account.
Multiple essentialities, as a concept, implies, that be it inside our heads or outside in the world (though for some of our modules of perception there will be no difference between the two) the real is neither “one” nor “hierarchical” nor “ordered” or consequential. The real and the virtual are also considered in this approach as modules of perception, which can co-exist as an extended perceptual realization of openness.
Put differently, multiple essentialities is a manner (of thought-of minding) of accepting the Rhizomatic revolution in thought procedures as endlessly open, dynamic, multidimensional and co-extensive with all other objects of identity or realities state of affairs.
So yes the vehicle and the engine are enmeshed, and the fuel and the road and the goal and the time and so on and so forth.