Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Wildcat Thu, Sep 17, 2009
Thank you for the comment Olena

Actually it’s partly all three of the above and more.
Specifically the concept of the deterritorialization of self is a kind of minding that dematerializes the conceptualization of the myth of self as a coherent consistent and centralizing tenet of our self descriptive process.
In some fashion there is no doubt that the dual (and quite ambiguous) nature of the quantum world resembles the deterritorialization of self, however I think that this analogy is probably insufficient to contain the multitude of our mind apparatus.
In fact it is not only that we do not have a central existential reality-constructing center, it is highly likely that in our evolutionary path as minds embodied we have developed (and are increasingly developing) a multiple module system. In this fashion we are able to entertain a large number of simultaneous (and at times contradictory) essentialities and or realities operating in apparent tandem.
In some senses it will be accurate to say that letting go of pre-conceived ideas or the pre-programmed model of the world and our relation to it is an initial step in order to deterritorialize our selves.
Deterritorialization in this case can be seen as both a freeing and aggregation of resources (of perceptions, of emotions, of intelligence and so on) for the purpose of increased exploration of interests and re-orientation in the phase space of possible worlds.
As I see it a commitment to multiple essentialities allows the mind to relinquish obsolete ideas of the self as authentic or as governor and widely opens the doorway to dynamic, multidirectional and multidimensional views of the world and our place in it.