Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Wildcat Tue, Sep 29, 2009
@Olena - some very good points. nevertheless, I do not hold Maslow's hierarchy of needs to be a reliable model nor a coherent one (besides the fact that it was proposed in 1943). Maslow's hierarchy of needs is (patently obvious!) hierarchical and in a fashion pre-programed, and if there is one single existential reality we all know it is that "needs" vary across time and circumstances. Needs and motivations are both fluid and undetermined (or vague if you prefer), slowly revolving around certain given general tendencies, but to assume a fixed order or motivations (in the sense of prevalence and importance) I believe is erroneous.
I hold the view that our needs and motivations are projected upon a multidimensional dynamic and probabilistic phase space, oscillating between multiple directions (multiple essentialities).
put differently then, there is no reason to assume that just because one is hungry and tired, her own integrity or freedom will not take precedence. it is not only that hierarchy in the arboreal sense should be upturned, it should indeed be relinquished in favor of the rhizomatic approach (or indeed a Polytopian approach ).

@Ashalynd- if you've never tackled Deleuze I warmly suggest starting by reading:
The Deleuze Connections by John Rajchman

en passant, let me say that this discussion is both enlightening, important and the subject matter of my next essay. thanks