Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Fast T Tue, Sep 29, 2009
Thank you Wildcat, very informing discussion here, and indeed i for one am looking forward to the next essay. Before that, I would like to dwell a moment on the usage you make of Commitment to multiple essentialities.
As said in one of your comments above:
Put differently, multiple essentialities is a manner (of thought-of minding) of accepting the Rhizomatic revolution in thought procedures as endlessly open, dynamic, multidimensional and co-extensive with all other objects of identity or realities state of affairs.

I wonder if you will accept that the term 'commitment' in this context applies for a manner of cohering reality as/of multiple essentialities (as an open ended dynamic rhizomatic nature)? As it seems to me that 'committing' is a further step to accepting, it calls in my mind for a sort of 'making over' of all the complex live event of self-description and if so, co-extensive description. In this sense, I take commitment to multiple essentialities as a pro-active stance and indeed minding.