Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Wildcat Tue, Sep 29, 2009
Fast T, I am not sure what you mean when you say “making over” as a further step to accepting. Commitment and acceptance are not necessarily correlated; they can be seen as co-extensive concepts, in that the actual reality of our embodiment exists within an ecological framework (or phase space) of virtualities.
If we take the extension to stand for (possible-potential) essentialities then the act of committing resources to explore the virtual extension is the actual representation of commitment to multiple essentialities, in turn resulting in an increase in intelligence.

If you look back at my definitions of intelligence here I wrote : “Intelligence can be said to be a process then, a continuous process of orientation and re-orientation, an iterative, recursive, restructuring of the very meaning it is applied to. Put differently, intelligence is the term applied to the reading of coordinates of implications when applied to a particular context. Moreover, since intelligence is always in motion, by definition it will disturb the silhouette of the context in which and to which it is applied. That in fact is the meaning of open ended (ness), for by eliminating the conceptual rigidity of the context, intelligence (by its very motion), opens, as it were, the context to fresh paths of potentialities”
I definitely agree with your statement here though:” In this sense, I take commitment to multiple essentialities as a pro-active stance and indeed minding.”
There is no doubt that a proactive stance is required if we are to not be subjugated to the vagaries of the flow.

A question that comes to mind is this: " what are the mental and-or emotional requirements to be able to sustain a coherent multiple essentiality commitment?"