Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Ashalynd Tue, Sep 29, 2009
May be, in the very distant future, people will get the ability (or possibility) to truly connect each other minds, thus getting insight into more areas than it would be possible using the capacity of only one brain, and to use additional "hardware" (whatever that would be) to "run" their minds. If this would be possible, the whole concepts of "ego", "body" and other ones will have to be redefined... Otherwise, what's the purpose of the endless curiosity if it clearly can't be saturated by the resources available to everybody by nature? (Unless there exist some yet-unknown way to increase one's mental capacity without technological crutches... our current knowledge doesn't allow make any statements about it though).

I wish I could see the society in which it would be possible to open your mind to somebody else's with the same simplicity as we now can share our private blog with our friends...