Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

Olena Thu, Oct 1, 2009
Wildcat & Ashalynd - thank you for your answers.

And Fast T, I have to add quickly to your making-over concept, it reminds me of a saying that went something like:
a mind stretched to a new idea will never resume its old shape.

Ashalynd, I hope we will be able to mind-share in some ways. It could make empathetic communication much easier, and hopefully create a more sincere dialogue generally.
You said,

I think the step 0 is to realize that "everybody is against you" is a misunderstanding which can and should be fixed. I believe that every human being can understand everybody else, if he or she will.

Yes, I think the will to do so is the problem. And, the understanding itself can be.
"Everyone against me" is a terrible paradigm to live with,
but how can the idealistic truly come to a consensus with the jaded, or one "set in his ways".
Or are we not meant to?

Wildcat, I agree the heirarchy is outdated, but that is why I introduced it:

I agree with what you said about the precedence of imagination despite (perhaps unfortunate) circumstance, but especially from the older crowd, I often hear the 'realist' response: "Ok, your romantic futurist fantasy is nice, but I have to go to work and make money now so I can live." There's no inspiration in that, and no real desire to think because just working for survival is enough.

What I really want to know is, how can one respond to that? On a personal level, as well as, with what action? What should we be doing, as we "soldier on"?
I'm thinking about what was said of history - that we are able to concentrate on art and learning because our fathers fought and worked for our freedom to do so.
I wish I could remember who to attribute that to.

we all know it is that "needs" vary across time and circumstances.

I hope that with time we can change those needs and evolve into a society where the freedom to really cultivate imagination and intelligence is more prominent.

Some of these phrases are very new to me, like the Polytopian approach, the multiple essentialities... I'm still trying to /really/ understand what the future implications of accepting deterritorialization will be... I wish I could better visualize your individual views.
Nonetheless, totally fascinating.