Comment on Fluid Cyberspace -> Commitments to Multiple Essentialities

meganmay Sat, Oct 17, 2009
This is a pretty overwhelming thread of comments but i think Wildcat's question:

" what are the mental and-or emotional requirements to be able to sustain a coherent multiple essentiality commitment?"

is at the core and one of the most interesting questions posed by the Polytopia project. How does this idea break down our previously held notions of what is it so be a human being? And, as is so often the set-up for sci-fi novels addressing protagonists from the past, when you imagine such a question in hindsight, it seems like the most absurd construct imaginable.

I think the paradigm of individuality is highly suspect, and from my experience theories of extended mind are directly observable in daily life, you are constantly absorbing and readjusting, more or less fluidly, in response to your environment. But this type of communication relies on proximity, and the barrage of information that comes from such a short range physical encounter is liable to deteriorate the fidelity of the signal. Perhaps the problem then, is how to reproduce and fine tune the electro-chemical exchanges we are already capable of and amplify them for use in long range communication. It seems almost like such an amplification of empathetic capacities would have some applications in the tourist industry and peace talks simultaneously.

Ahem, well that went a lot farther than I was originally intending to go, my original intention was to reply to OLENA's hierarchy of needs comment with a gif I made a while ago...for the sake of not polluting the thread with aforemention gif i link

Also, I think DMITRI puts it all in some nice concise terms :)