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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Ambiguous Virtualities ( A NotMarie vs. 3V Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    NotMarie:” 3V, what on earth are ambiguous virtualities?

    3V:” how do you know about ambiguous virtualities?

    NotMarie:” it was on my holoscreen this morning when I logged in, just the words, no link, and no reference.. I am sure it came from you.. so what is it?

    3V:” well, it was supposed to be a surprise, a linguistic concoction I designed especially for you.. but its not ready yet, I haven’t figured out yet the whole machinery that will permit increased variability on a context by context basis
    NotMarie:” I still don’t understand what is this linguistic construct about.. And since the element of surprise is gone you can readily divulge everything..

    3V:” you do know that surprise is not an element, yes?

    NotMarie:” it’s a manner of speech, 3V, it is metaphorical as much as it is meaningful , besides it can surely be also understood as an element, a part of something greater, such as an event for example, but what does this has got to do with ambiguous virtualities?

    3V:” oh! I was just trying to be entertaining in a virtually ambiguous manner and also tried my hand at normal chit chat.. obviously a fail..

    NotMarie:” 3V, would you please stop this and explain what you meant by ambiguous virtualities

    3V:” I meant to present you with a gift, a way out of your predicament..

    NotMarie:” what predicament?

    3V:” well, the apparent confusion you profess concerning me as an independent entity of multiversal intelligence..

    NotMarie:” and in what fashion is this gift able to give me a way out?

    3V:” look at it as a doorway, a gate or a window if you prefer, a manner of contextual perception that will permit rootless exploration without disintegration..

    NotMarie:” ..rootless exploration?

    3V:” yes, rootless exploration, is a descriptive term implying that you have no basis whatsoever when in the act of perception, actually I may even venture that you are rootless also when in the act of experiencing, in fact it is highly probable that at no point do roots enter the equation of being and I am a living proof of that..

    NotMarie:” wait a second 3V, even if I am to agree that at no point can roots be pinpointed with accuracy as the origin of being..

    3V:” AHH! Voila!

    NotMarie:” Voila! What???

    3V:” you have just proved the point of ambiguity, of uncertainty, of fuzziness really..

    NotMarie:” ok..

    (Part of the ultrashorts project)

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