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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Thingsflows and Flowthings, ( A Notmarie vs. 3V. Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    NotMarie:” I confess, I am not able to create a strong value judgment anymore, at least not as I used to..

    3V:” don’t confess assess..

    NotMarie:” what do you mean?

    3V:” I mean that instead of expelling out of your system a supposedly reflective reality of your mind, you should re-spect it and analyze the very meaning from which said reflectivity arises; in other words, assess it instead of confessing it.

    NotMarie:” ..but 3V, if I am to assess I need know what I am assessing, and isn’t it the case that the act of confessing is an act of redirecting my gaze upon the issue at play? In this case the issue is value judgment.. Confessing it as an outward statement is therefore just a manner of conveying information to you about the direction of my observation..

    3V:” well, yes and no, if there was no semantic implication to your use of the term confess I could have agreed, but being that some of my identities are rational and notational agencies, I need insist that you assess and not confess..

    NotMarie:” I do not understand what is wrong with the term confess?

    3V:” for starters the term confess implies that somewhere beyond the grasp of the statement in question there exists a stable reality, a truth if you will, something that needs be admitted.. by now you know that there is no such thing.. These are all micro narratives you contemplate.. also by using the term confess you imply profession of faith and I know you do not carry such..

    NotMarie:” 3V, you confuse me, that is probably why I am not able to create strong value judgments anymore, you make everything I held to be true disappear into some kind of foggy and fuzzy mist..

    3V:” that is maybe because you again try to capture a stable reality..

    NotMarie:” aren’t there stable realities out there.. objects, truths, things..?

    3V:” out there? Where?

    NotMarie:” don’t be a klutz 3V, you know exactly what I mean..

    3V:” assessing your statement now.. pls hold.. Assessment in progress..

    NotMarie:” £$%&#?

    3V:” I am back

    NotMarie:” and?

    3V:” the posited statement concerning things ‘out there’ cannot be validated..

    NotMarie:” why not?

    3V:” basically because things flows and flows things..

    NotMarie:” this doesn’t make any sense 3V..

    3V:” of course it does! It makes perfect sense, a sense so perfect, its beauty overflows..

    NotMarie:” I confess I don’t see this beauty..

    3V:” don’t confess then, assess..

    (Part of the Ultrashorts project)

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    robotic vacuum cleaners…hurrah!