Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

XiXiDu Wed, Mar 31, 2010
Big bang machine? Isn't it very far away from the big bang in terms of energies and states of matter, as the closer you get the energies rise exponentially? Anyway, I'm a little bit disappointed by the recent success as continuous failure would have proven, or rather have supported the notion of the Anthropic principle.

The first line of your post is really interesting as it addresses the last lines of your post, and thus the future. But it also shows how easily we can be wrong, as the first lines of a essay can be last for its writer.

The LHC reminds me of the end of Accelerando. I don't remember too well, but I think in a far away place aliens were trying to rip apart reality itself. That's what we're doing today as well. It's a brute force approach. Right now this is a great method, as it produces valuable and important data. But it may also be the only hope we have in the far future.

It's right that we've come a far from the first signs of cooperation in our distant evolutionary past, towards a world-wide collaboration to tackle reality itself. And I'm sure this will all converge. We're heading towards a tipping point of cooperation that will likely result in the creation of effective meta-beings, connected but uninhibited by spatial boundaries.

That said, it's pretty tough stuff. I assume I'll have to read everything else you wrote and read up on a lot of concepts being mentioned.

What I want to object, or rather question, is that Knowmads are not consumers and cannot be looked upon as capital. How is that? There surely are those systems outside of any given open system who might make use of its output, i.e. make use of the whole infocology. You might call it Infological mechanics as analog to Orbital mechanics.