Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Wildcat Fri, Apr 2, 2010
XiXidu:"What I want to object, or rather question, is that Knowmads are not consumers and cannot be looked upon as capital. How is that?"

The answer to that is pretty simple actually, Knowmads are inherently active seekers of new opportunities and therefore cannot be looked at as consumers in the regular sense of the word, Knowmads do not consume but provide fresh elaboration on initial concepts, in that they cannot be looked upon as a capital or resource of the actual infocology in which they exist.
From a different perspective I have strong objections in using the language of economics to imply upon our minds hyperconnectivity, I truly think that part of the problems we are facing is in the language we are using in our process of self description. If the Knowmad was to be described as a capital the whole infocology argument would disintegrate for the very fact of being described as a resource speaks about usage. The Knowmad is not a user in the regular sense of the word as well; she is a multidimensional representation of a complex emergent property of networks and therefore operates more as a hub and transducer (what I referred to as a multi-sensorial modality).
Finally let me say that the future I perceive is one in which the age of abundance will prevail, in this case the whole point of resource and capital, consumption and use become moot. What we will have is different dimensions of existential modalities co-depending and co-evolving into multiple and concomitant realities, some of which will interact with others, some of which will not. As a rule of thumb I think that terminologies that find their basis in matter (assets, consumption,capital etc.) are a hindrance in understanding the motion of the infosphere.