Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Spaceweaver Fri, Apr 2, 2010
I like the word Knowmad, though I must admit I did not manage to correlate the 6 conceptual sketches presented into stable relation(s) with each other. It seems to deconstruct a certain process of individuation, or, if you prefer, to deterritorialize the current conception of the individual, but it feels unclear what is the alternative offered, if there is an alternative offered. I could ask, for example, a state of who or what is the knowmad and it is very difficult to even address the question, given the extreme fluidity implied by the descriptions.

In a previous post, you mentioned self mapping, hinting (i think) to a self generated emergent motion of becoming. Also there, a sense of deterritorialization of identity is apparent, but it is not clear how territory (be it fleeting as it may) is regained. How emergence takes place, or how embodiment as extension/expression of being takes place? I do not think you wish to describe a virtuality with ever diminishing actuation, but perhaps I do not understand where it goes...

Reading it as a whole leaves me with two options: either a knowmad is a state that anchors its fluid identity in a majority of 'lesser' (less knowmadic and therefore less advanced), more stable self-identical states (this is a problematic kind of freedom), or alternatively, the whole dynamics converges to a global brain/mind scenario where knowmads are differences (or intensities as Deleuze would call them in this case :-)) which cannot be identified as distinct and significant processes of individuation. In the latter option, significant states are possibly identified only at the level of a global mind to which we the knowmads have no access more than a single neuronal bundle can access a holistic state of consciousness. I do think that a narrative in as much as it suggests a reconfiguration of minds, needs to offer a whole swing of deterritorialization and reterritorialization. Otherwise, there are plenty of stories and descriptions that can hijack this motion and trap it in old conceptions.