Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Wildcat Sun, Apr 4, 2010
First let me say that I appreciate the problems you have encountered, since by the very definition of the new state I am trying to describe, instability reigns supreme.
Indeed the very process we are engaged in is one of deterritorialization, a motion towards fluidity.
Knowmads unbundle, Knowmads deterritorialize in fact the confines of the old sovereign (idea of a coherent) individual into multiplicities and reterritorialize as a multiple state. Therefore the Knowmad is both a state of affairs of mind in general and the particular mind of a so-called individual (you could say that it is both a cultural state of affairs as well as a neuronal state of affairs ). Indeed the descriptions are fluid and dynamic and do not lend themselves, easily, to the commonly accepted description of oneness (either of one self or otherwise) however the whole point is that the alternative must be built, by ourselves, by our culture, by our polytopian existence. A multiple selves reality existing simultaneously in a multidimensional reality is an approximation to a possible description of this new state of affairs referred to as the Knowmad state.

In my next post I will try and exemplify what this knowmadic state consists of, however at this point let me give an intro into three possible extensions to the knowmadic state :

A Knowmad is continuously busy in an aesthetic engagement that can be seen as the creative act of the self-mapping hyperconnected mind. This will come forth as a:


Bio-Synthetic Knowmad

Synthetic Knowmad