Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Spaceweaver Sun, Apr 4, 2010
A question and a point to be made:

The question: Why does the concept of hyperconnectivity occupies such a large role in this development of ideas? It seems to me that hyper connectivity is at best an anecdotal and temporary effect within the complex unfolding of relations between one kind of network (biological - neuronal) and another kind of network (electronic). As organisms, our sensory surface is multi modal. We see (the street through the window), hear (music in the radio), taste (chilli) and feel (the smoothness of the table) (among other things) simultaneously. Neeless to mention that these sensory signals originate from very diverse and unrelated sources. Do we gain anything extra by relating to this situation as being hyperconnected?

The point: In any complex open ended system or state of affairs, we can observe a deep structure of alternating layers of stability and instability that converge and diverge together while bringing forth their complex behaviors.

Here are two examples: a living cell and a computer chip. In a living cell, atoms and molecules are a stable layer on account of being regulated by fundamental physical forces. On the next layer, relations between organic molecules are largely unstable because many random circumstances such as temperature, chemical instabilities within chemical reactions etc. On the next level, higher regulative mechanisms appear that constrain this instability into ordered patterns of autopoietic functions. But also here the stable functions operate within another layer of instability that is induced by the dynamic circumstances external to the living cell such as the excess or lack of certain essential compounds, penetration of viruses etc. This is of course a simplified description but it makes the point. On a silicon computer chip we can see similar kind of layering: molecular stability, within the quantum induced instability of semi conductors which in turn is constrained by the structure of transistors, which yield in turn regular yet fluctuating electric potentials and currents, that are patterned into stable ones and zeros that in themselves are in complex dynamic relations with each other that yield a pseudo random unstable activity of ones and zeroes which is again ordered into higher order stable computational patterns so that 2+2 is always 4 etc.

There are many other examples of this interesting layering which seems to be inherent in any complex system and state of affairs. It is remarkable to note that there is no fundamental asymmetry (or symmetry) between the stable and unstable layers of a complex state of affairs. There is rather an interplay: layers of stability and instability that converge and diverge, fluidity and self identical entities that emerge from them while harboring within themselves new kinds of instability and therefore new potentials for patterning... It is the interplay of ordered and chaotic elements that signifies emergence of complex open ended phenomena. The knowmad if it is to become, is to partake in the interplay of multiple layers of instability and stability. I am still missing some grasp on the latter. This, I hope, might further clarify my previous comment.