Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Wildcat Wed, Apr 7, 2010
° Spaceweaver: "The question: Why does the concept of hyperconnectivity occupies such a large role in this development of ideas? It seems to me that hyper connectivity is at best an anecdotal and temporary effect within the complex unfolding of relations between one kind of network (biological - neuronal) and another kind of network (electronic). As organisms, our sensory surface is multi modal. We see (the street through the window), hear (music in the radio), taste (chilli) and feel (the smoothness of the table) (among other things) simultaneously. Needless to mention that these sensory signals originate from very diverse and unrelated sources. Do we gain anything extra by relating to this situation as being hyperconnected?"

Definitely, we gain a large advantage by relating to this state of affairs as hyperconnected, for a few reasons:

1. Hyperconnectivity defines the number of connections a mind has with other minds via the grid, the Internet and phones, no other terminology relates directly to this modern day state of affairs.
2. Hyperconnectivity is a new state of affairs in which a communication status and procedure is always on
3. Hyperconnectivity defines a new space that never existed before, a space of information and knowledge that has no parallel not in the human brain and not in the physical universe.
4. Hyperconnectivity redefines our capability as minds in the form of amplification of sense thought of ideas and of motives.
5. Hyperconnectivity externalizes the mythological collective subconscious into a manifested reality.
6. Hyperconnectivity allows for a new form of distribution of knowledge and information that bypasses the physicality of the individual into a virtuality of interests.
7. Hyperconnectivity implies upon the market and economy of the new world by democratizing the process of mutual co-existence and intersubjective co-dependence.
8. Hyperconnectivity both trivializes the (apparently) sacred and important and elevates the inconsequential and apparently irrelevant, this creates new sources of mutations of both knowledge and information, this can also be looked upon as evolution of thought.

Spaceweaver:" There are many other examples of this interesting layering which seems to be inherent in any complex system and state of affairs. It is remarkable to note that there is no fundamental asymmetry (or symmetry) between the stable and unstable layers of a complex state of affairs. There is rather an interplay: layers of stability and instability that converge and diverge, fluidity and self identical entities that emerge from them while harboring within themselves new kinds of instability and therefore new potentials for patterning... It is the interplay of ordered and chaotic elements that signifies emergence of complex open ended phenomena. The knowmad if it is to become, is to partake in the interplay of multiple layers of instability and stability. I am still missing some grasp on the latter. This, I hope, might further clarify my previous comment."

I could not agree more, the Knowmad as you say:” is to partake in the interplay of multiple layers of instability and stability.” Which is exactly the point of why we should strive to create a coherent and up to date philosophy of mind that may allow us this very interplay that is so apparent in complex systems.
The interplay of order and chaos is definitely the border line of existential virtuality we are entering and manifesting, this is no easy matter for it demands of us the realization that our own instability as systems is maintained by an increased dependence on the other, that is where I see the hyperconnected individual co-existing and co-dependent on the infocologies she exists in becoming a Knowmad.
As I see it the Knowmad is the proactive stance of the hyperconnected player in the infosphere, she moves, he surfs, we collaborate, we actively engage and indeed pattern new potentials into new forms of existence.

Thank you spaceweaver for this comment as it enhances my own understanding of the very concept of the Knowmad and will (and in fact already does) influence the next step of my comprehension and therefore I see this as the very backbone and meaning of what being a hyperconnected Knowmad is.

Finally allow me to state that for me this very happening right here right now is the very form by which the new aesthetics of engagement become real and extend my mind into a new multiplcity. Isnt that the very meaning of the interplay between dimensions you have pointed at?