Comment on Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

CoCreatr Sat, Apr 24, 2010
Thanks, Wildcat, for this post, seminal to me and a main reason you all read this. I had glanced it over the day before graduating myself as a knowmad. And thanks for your comment on my inaugural post.

Here is the test for a knowmad that occurred to me walking home from public transport on a coldish spring city night in Asia. What I can write does not do justice to the vibratory perception, invoke it on your own with a few bits of your high-voltage imagination :-)

  • If you have never heard the word 'knowmad' do you seek for its meaning by feeling it out in your mind?

  • Did you read up on what a 'knowmad' could be to your own satisfaction in understanding? (Note: asking the likes of "do you get it" would be counterproductive.)

  • Do you want to be a 'knowmad' even before knowing what exactly that means?

  • Are you aware of your personal reason for wanting to be a 'knowmad'?

  • In the face of what could be called an overwhelming amount of information and ambiguity do you 'know', however foggy the notion, one thing you wish to do next?

  • Do you feel able to add a question related to 'knowmad' to expand this list? You don't have to. Are you fine with this?

After answering all questions to your own satisfaction, in whatever time it may take, you may feel you want to graduate as a knowmad. Congratulate yourself. Now you know. Share some.