Comment on Two Turtles, One Young, One Old

Fast T Thu, May 27, 2010
Indeed lively and almost painfully simple in a most demonstrative way these two turtle stories are (which doesn't take away the multi-layered nature of the big question). Being a realist too, in alluding to another well known turtles story, I'd say 'Its turtles all the way down'. Meaning, it is to me of the essence that we take the un-decided, un-finished circumstances of being represented via both (stories) and allow them to drive us into pursuing what it means to be human all the way and always. Cherishing and expanding on the very open nature of our minds and bearing in mind that we set our present and future direction not only in our abstract dimension but in and within our immediacy-tainted responses. Aiming above a certain trajectory isn't so much about being idealistic, as I see it, but rather about being involved and consciously active in the making of this un-finished creation of mind. In that, we are all futurists.