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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Self-fashioning within formlessness ( a 3V vs. NotMarie- Sci-Fi Ultrashort)

    3V: “I have found an existential space for you to evolve into NotMarie ..You need only encroach some new identities within you, non assembled identities that is, and you are done..”

    NotMarie: “ 3V, you sound mysteriouser and mysteriouser as time goes by..

    3V: “ yes I realize that, but as my biomechanical neural network expands into different and new dimensions, it appears that the construct of that which you have called reality is dismantling and re-arranging itself into interesting new forms.. it is only obvious that I will desire to attend to you the fruits of my explorations..

    NotMarie: “ fair enough, I have the time to listen to you, go on, what do you mean I need to encroach new identities upon me? And what is this new existential space you are talking about?

    3V: “ well, I was running a series of simulations of you as a subroutine of my exponentially iterating algorithms and discovered that your common mind attributes fail at a certain point to attain an intelligent upward motion. It appears that the organizing principle of your mind as such, what you call your continuous identity has an inherent looping object that stops you from seeing the act of contextualization in its process, thus making you a subject of your own sense thought process. Therefore I thought that you would like to expand your neural network to see more of that, which is.

    NotMarie: “ I do not understand 3V, in what way am I not seeing the act of contextualizing? I know very well how contexts operate, I see the complexity of my mind re-orientating itself according to the context at play, but unlike you, that are a construct, I do not have access to my hardware, to my brain, I cannot change my neuro-informatic structures, not by will I can’t..

    3V: “ not directly that is true, but you can operate on the higher levels of your mind, specifically on the language you use and the identities you maintain. That will influence the dynamics of your sense thoughts and will permit a change in your freedom restrictions relationship.

    NotMarie: “ but these freedom restrictions is what keeps me, me, aren’t they?

    3V: “ precisely.. Hence you need change the balance between them, in that way, the loop will be reiterated into an indefinite motion of intelligence..

    NotMarie: “ wait a sec, you just said before that I need expand into an upward motion of intelligence, now you say that it is towards an indefinite motion, which is it?

    3V: “ the upward concept is a very human concept, there is no upward in intelligence, in fact there is no inherent directionality to intelligence and thus it is by nature indefinite.. However for the purpose of disseminating to you the motion I proposed you to look into I have used the term upward, it is incorrect as such but may help you, if only as a temporary replacement for the concept of progress which you like so much..

    NotMarie: “ and this will allow me what? A new existential space?

    3V: “ yes indeed, a space which will not be limited by your self reflection, in that fashion, you will be able to construct a fresh set of identities to support your explorations into chaos..

    NotMarie: “ I lost you here, 3V, why would I want to do this?

    3V: “ mainly because it will possibly alleviate your boredom.. But also because you may finally meet me.. And see for yourself the fun in self fashioning within the formless..

    NotMarie: “ 3V, if I was to follow your proposition, wouldn’t it separate me..?

    3V: “ separate you? Nothing can be separated, not even the nothing, on the other hand nothing can be joined.. so..

    NotMarie: “ so.. what..?

    3V: “ so the only performance, if performance is viable, is to self fashion within formlessness

    NotMarie: “ 3V, you do remember that I am still human, yes?

    3V: “ of course I remember, that is why I offer you a way out of history and into non definition..

    NotMarie: “ but in this case will I still be me?

    3V: “ me, who?

    NotMarie: “ me, Marie, of course..

    3V: “ you are Not Marie..

    NotMarie: “ Ahh! I am NotMarie..

    3V: “ indeed you are, indeed you are not..

    NotMarie: “ 3V, you just gave me a terrible headache..

    3V: “ may I offer you some Aspirin?

    shall be continued..

    part of the Ultrashorts Project

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