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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Longing, she believed, still mattered ( a Sci-fi Ultrashort)
    It was the silence of her thoughts that awakened him

    He looked at her beautiful dolphin like shape; her legs folded within the larger transmutation she had undergone yesterday, her turquoise bluish tint reflected by the morning light.
    She needed no cover, her self-regulating nanobots thermostat taking care of her comfort zone temperature.
    She was more than beautiful, she was mesmerizing to his so human eyes, and her shape was shimmering, undulating in and out of his perceptual apparatus, upgraded though it was.
    Of course he was updated with the latest oxytocin trust and love biomedial software, and yet, and yet..

    How am I to love her, he wondered silently?
    She opened her diamondoids translucent eyes, and looked at him.

    Good morning my dear, she said, and smiled the most engaging smile her sensuous graphen torus lips could produce..

    She straightened in the levitating bed, dismissing the containment haze field of sleep with a slight, almost imperceptible twitch of her left ovoid ear function.

    What is the matter? You appear concerned, dear one..

    He took the time to rise and rearrange his sexual organs into his daily routine of being sexless at the lab, it was after all considered non appropriate to be gender specific in public.
    He activated then his holospherical ‘clothes on’ appearance, as today was formal attire day, saying goodbye and all that, but he could care less, he was preoccupied with her leaving.. And his love for her..

    How am I to love her? He wondered again.. Thinking of all that has passed between them and how unnatural she had become..

    What is wrong with nature? He asked

    Nothing; but the fact that nature allows only for ‘the good enough’ optimized function, we need more than this..

    What is more? More than what? He rushed, anxiety traits appearing in his voice..

    More than ‘good enough’, more than a system that aims to reproduce for the sake of reproduction, more than the limitations nature has endowed us with.. we need become the very embodiment of life in all its myriad forms..

    But why? Why ask for more? Why desire to undo nature?

    Not undo, no.. Overcome, yes.. Overcome the limits, engendering new forms of life, as life, for life.. Joining the great game, playing the role of mature beings

    But why? He asked almost plaintively

    Because we are not infants anymore, we have realized that the universe beckons, and for us to fulfill our promise of seeding the universe with life, we need leave home, for this we needed to upgrade our systems to fit, and in this case you know the first planet we are aiming to seed is a water planet..

    Would you not change your mind? Would you not come with us? She asked

    He looked at her, with a kind of longing he did not remember to ever have experienced, a longing for something that could never be. She was going to travel and he was a form naturalist, committed to keeping the original form of humanoids as the last trace of his evolutionary ancestry..
    Upgrade yes, total transmutation no, that was their motto, and there were fewer and fewer of them nowadays, and his very love, Cassadra, had become one of ‘them’, the pathfinders.

    Of course he was enhanced and upgraded, but not like them, not like her..

    She asked again, would you not transmute and join me, my love?

    You ask of me the impossible my dearest.. He answered, an impossible sadness in his voice


    She had the equivalent of tears in her eyes when she boarded the shuttle and entered the cryo-suspension chamber since she had opted for the full emotional spectrum to be kept unbound, and longing, she believed, still mattered.

    Cassadra activated her inner hyper-reflectivity crystalline memory subpartiality as she slowly entered her depth sleep for the duration of the voyage.

    Part of the Ultrashorts project

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