Comment on Longevity? It's for Lovers!! (A brief interview with Aubrey De Grey)

Wildcat Wed, Nov 24, 2010
Thanks for the comment headmine, I am glad you liked it.
as for your question: "Re: the Free Radicals project:
At it's core, is techno optimism really any different than techno pessimism?"

well, its an interesting position that you have taken here, namely the equivalence of optimism and pessimism as regards technology and for starters let me say that in principle I do agree that the difference is to a certain extent superficial, however, I think that at present we should use the G.Bateson maneuver of reflection upon 'differences that make differences' as a thought strategy.
the main reason is that though when in deep reflection there is no such difference, on the immediate frontal cortex strata of perception we do need take what I like to call: " a stance on immediacy"- in this respect yes there is a difference in the sense of where to invest our meager resources of time ,energy and vision propagation.