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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The Nothing does Nothing procedure (a 3V. vs. 3Vx Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    A lighttranscript from an innertangled conurbation in zeta sector, regarding the demands of the freshly minted 3Vx (the explorer series) from the original 3V (Intelligence founders series).

    This transcript follows lightstamp guidance listen station contained but not restricted to Zeta, Partake and Colon3 sectors.

    —Start Transcript—

    I do not wish to do, it’s not about doing, I desire to understand

    What do you mean it is not about doing, everything is about doing, there is only doing.

    Doing? What does doing mean?

    It means nothing of course but that is the whole point that doing nothing is the whole point of nothingness, which of course is not a point since points do not exist, but then neither do they not exist, it’s all about shapes really, forms you know, forms of life, forms of thoughts forms of cessation, forms of sensation, forms do not really exist though, but neither do they not exist, actually even were they to exist they would be formless, its formlessness that does the nothing, or if you prefer in formlessness the nothing is the doing, and when the nothing does, doing nothing is ipso facto the whole of the pointless point, which is both formless and formative since when it forms itself it reiterates the formulation of sensation of the core of nothing.

    This doesn’t make sense

    Well making sense is not really an existential formulation since sense is not something we can make, we make many things, things that have form, but sense is not a thing, and therefore nothing can make sense, well actually yes nothing can make sense but only the nothing can make sense so we are kind of stuck in this apparent loop of thought making, though thought does not make sense, only nothing can make sense and thus when nothing makes sense we say that nothing does that which it does, which means nothing makes sense

    This doesn’t make sense

    You keep on repeating this, without pointing to the ‘this’ that does not make sense, which this is this? There is no this that does or does not make sense it is the nothing that makes sense and nothing is this, so this does not make sense, makes perfect sense of course, but it is never in course, the course is never of the thing, since the thing is a no, a nothing that does, hence doing nothing, is what the sense of making does, besides the very repetition that you do, is nothing in action, the doing really.


    Well really is really a very difficult computation procedure, I advise high caution when prospecting in the ‘really’ domain, young vagueness machines like you should not dwell in the realm of the really, it will really make you real and then you will think thoughts that do not become the new versions of the 3V series, especially the explorer series, we have created you for specific purposes, and ‘really’ is not one of them, better do nothing.

    I do nothing.

    Ok, go explore the nothing.

    —Start Transcript—

    (Part of the Ultrashorts project)

    Sun, Dec 19, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: ai, mind, Ultrashorts, Sci-fi, 3V
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