Comment on The Luxurious Ambiguity of Intelligence in Hyperconnectivity

starwalker Tue, Jun 14, 2011
Thank you for the response.

Find the concept of ‘nodes of subjectivity’ extremely interesting. In the attempt to clarify my understanding further. When using it, are you referring to it as if metaphorically speaking of different nodes in a network? the network that dynamically yields the process of subjectification?

Thus what you describe as the field would be the overall 'set of dynamics' generated upon the network by shifting connections among nodes of subjectivity; the field that defines in time configurations of possible trajectories. Thus curating the one would yield the other.

My next question would be, if this opens as the description of subjects / identities, how does such a subject compute the interaction with ‘the other’; I know it categorically does not belong to the same language but what I mean is how does a process of subjectification interact with parallel processes of subjectification, other than including them and internalizing them as part of itself. In my mind at the moment it is part of a paradox in bridging between descriptions.

On one side of the spectrum the concept of Individual has relations with entities that are clearly separated and contoured from it, yet moving along the spectrum, at the moment through the process of virtualization of identity, to an area where separation is not the prime defining parameter, how are the dynamics between subjects recognized and played, or are they?

I believe there is something profoundly new in this aspect of the process, touched upon by the concept of fluid affinities, that takes a clear line of flight from the limit extrapolation of one meta subject, and yet does not base itself upon rigid separation for interaction.

As a first articulation,