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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Ironotai, the inexplicable quasi-object (first report)–(A Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    Ironotai was the candy, the toffee in the puzzle box of uncertainty.
    In the rational of exuberance he was the chocolate bonbon, to meet him was like discovering a new planet, to listen to him required of us to accept the elasticity of utopian poetics.
    His was the sense of quiet passions against the lethargy born of the banal, it followed that it never occurred to anyone to ask, what were the origins of justification for his sparkling beingness.
    In his own disturbing self-description of context, Ironotai claimed that he represented the inevitable transitional state, the inexorable progress of feelings into entertaining value-laden spectacles, the epitome of commodification, the very quintessence of life’s currency, he thus self described as the uncorrupted bias or the pure filter.

    Marc Evite
    Project Coordinator- Director of research on extraordinary encounters

    Ironotai told us a story and we have no way to decipher the truth or falsity of it, we cannot at present disentangle the multiple versions he presented to us from that which we deem the real, or at least that which we can agree upon as factual or indeed relevant.
    That he was an entity of extraordinary capabilities is not in doubt, that he knew things for which we had no reasonable explanation is unquestionable, nevertheless we remain bewildered as to his farewell statements before disappearance.
    In trying to analyze the value of his declarations we need depart from what we casually consider as the normative, so, for example, we still struggle with his pronunciation concerning his point of existence in time.

    He did not say that he comes from the future, or from our past, or from an alternative universe, or from a parallel dimension, or from some exotic event horizon, or belongs to a different species from a far galaxy, if he would have said any of that, we could have, difficult as it may have been, make some sense of it all.
    No, what he said made no sense at all, at least no sense that we can perceive or parse at present.
    He said that he is a momentary embodiment of the sensuous endlessness of integrated originality. When we asked what this means in terms of space-time, he laughed. So we tried a different approach, we said that we think he speaks in metaphors, and could he please explain what the metaphor was reflecting upon, to which he replied: “metaphors reflect metaphors”. We still think he was toying with us when he said that.
    Nevertheless being in charge of the research we could not just leave it at that.
    Exasperated, we asked him to tell us anything that he thought might make sense to us, to which he replied:

    “You should ask about the disintegration of the lifeline to reality”.

    So of course we did.
    These are his words, reported verbatim:

    ” I came to delight - dawn you into acceptance of the unassailability of the cryptogram of the lifeline to reality. To metaphor the sciences of endlessness and provide you an intimation of such.
    The flow of asynchronous modulation cycles into synchronous appearances and reverts to separation, discreetness crystallizes and disaggregates, into partiality, re-assembling as joyous moments from which spaces disengage and re-cipher the real, performing the act of opacity, crafting the cryptogram of satisfaction.
    Opacity allows corruption, corruption allows diminishment, diminishment performs slowness, slowness cycles errors, errors contain seeds of instability, and seeds of uncertainty define infrastructure of comprehension, recursive conception involves redundant looping, resulting in fragments of constraints, fragments of constraints cohere into variety, entangled coherence of variety consents sentiency, acquiesce to the lifeline. “

    As this report is presented, we have put our best minds and efforts in deciphering the cryptic message of Ironotai, we make no claim to recognize for certain what he meant, we did our best in trying to understand the communication, our effort is a work in progress, please be advised that what you are about to read is an initial translation and nothing more, it is what we believe he intended. It will sound outrageous and fictitious, improbable and fantastic, and almost certainly a preposterous confabulation or some prank of cosmic proportions, we have no way of validating or discrediting his statements, nevertheless having been asked by the council of security to provide some kind of explanation we have done so.

    In the following translation we have considered and assumed that the entity known as Ironotai knows something for which we have no language at present, therefore using our modern syntax machines, semantic engines and best deciphering algorithms, we have the following transitory translation to offer.

    First iteration

    We believe that Ironotai was either sent or obliged to come to us by a form of existence to which the best applicable currently existing theory is the one of pan-psychism. Furthermore, though none of the team involved in the translation adheres to this view, it is the opinion of few of us (Prof. Jacopo Weinberg, Doc. Stephan Lee and myself included) that this particular perspective may yet yield an important parameter necessary for the comprehension of the Ironotai statement. It is our view that the Ironotai statement taken under the canopy of a pan-psychism outlook may make some sense, we therefore assume that what was presented to us in the guise of the ‘Ironotai statement’ is a cosmological theory of the origins of life using the pan psychism perspective.
    Following the above assumption we now believe that Ironotai meant to explain to us the manner by which the illusion of duration, that which we commonly call time, is impregnated with a proto form of consciousness, but not awareness. Though all of us are highly uncomfortable to follow the pan-psychism doctrine, we must allow for the remote possibility that such a view does in fact contain a hint to a possible interpretation of reality that we have not yet reached or accepted.
    We therefore accept tentatively that Ironotai usage of the term cryptogram points to what we call consciousness, or more widely ‘mental life’ or Mind. We believe that Ironotai implied that mind is the underlying mechanism of life, of everything in fact and that this infrastructure is fundamentally opaque to awareness but more importantly has a causal interrelation with the physical observable universe. (It must be noted and remembered that at present humankind science has no such assumption and the closest we can relate to such a view may involve qualitatively different approaches.)

    We think that Ironotai meant to initiate a thought within current humanity, implying that informational hyperstructures relay certain emergent properties to other assemblages of information, in the process themselves becoming opaque to the assemblage thus born. We think we understand that Ironotai is describing a multilayered approach to reality, which is both complex and sensuous.

    *Further research funding is required for deeper inquiry


    Rand Macdigh
    Assistant to the Director of research on extraordinary encounters

    Addendum one:
    Prof. Jacopo Weinberg – (Dept. of Linguistics)

    It appears that in his statement Ironotai meant to convey to us that contrary to our commonly held suppositions concerning consciousness, matter itself is a sub routine of what we should at present for lack of a better terminology call consciousness though in no fashion do I think that his usage of the term: cryptogram, means or implies the same.
    As a linguist I must assume that the language used by Ironotai was a very special case of intelligent application of context to concept and therefore to my eyes what Ironotai was doing is creating inside him a chaotic nature of non-order, thus destroying the idea both of harmony and stability, as consequential events. My conclusion at present is that we must stop channeling the ancestral script of our habit thought, and re-assess truth-value in any relevant epistemic world.
    To me this is completely inexplicable.
    I confess to my inadequacy in understanding Ironotai statement, please accept my immediate resignation. (Relevant papers have been submitted)

    Addendum two:

    Dr. Stephan Lee (Dept. of Physics)

    Having consulted with a few friends, I now believe that Ironotai should not be looked at as an entity in its own right, but what I came to term an inexplicable quasi-object. It appears, at least to our understanding (having temporarily accepted the unorthodox thesis of pan psychism) at present that what we had in front of us was not an entity in its own right but a principle of interaction that somehow (we do not currently have a full explication) managed to be both reflected and de-cohered. We believe though we cannot prove it at present that Ironotai is a quasi-object of identity that apparently became temporarily aware and thus decided to manifest as a cross section of parallel dimensions. We accept temporarily the potential insights that may be hidden in the message, further investigation prevailing.
    Finally what we have to offer as an initial account is that the Ironotai statement should be taken with precaution given the possible implications of Mind as originating matter (if that is indeed what can be understood), furthermore we advise total secrecy so as not to awaken unrest in the non-initiated population at large.
    On behalf of the physics department we request that a transdisciplinary team of experts will be created for the explicit purpose of determining what exactly it is that we call experience, absent this committee, our research will stall.

    Addendum three:

    Marc Evite

    Project Coordinator- Director of research on extraordinary encounters

    At the cost of sounding outlandish and maybe outrageous, it is my desire to propose a different outlook.
    Contrary to my esteemed colleagues opinions and reluctance concerning the doctrine of pan-psychism, I have always adhered to it and firmly believe that we do not currently have an appropriate field of research for this thesis. Though coming from the fields of Exobiology and Philosophy I see no way to explain the Ironotai statement using our current understandings in math, physics, biology and or chemistry.
    We need a new field that will integrate Art and Science, Physics and Linguistics, Philosophy and Neuroscience. I propose therefore the establishment for such a field of research that will try and establish Rosetta stone like parameters that can then be used to further explore the meanings embedded in the original Ironotai statement.
    It is my firm conviction that Ironotai is a product of our collective minds, but unlike the general assumption concerning such, he was not a hallucination but a fully embodied projection of ourselves from a parallel extensible ‘Mind’ or so to speak. I think that we must consider seriously the vast implications of the presently ‘unorthodox’ thesis of pan-psychism, though I do think that the name is inappropriate and should be revised.
    Finally as the director of research on extraordinary encounters I advise an immediate release of all correlated material to the public at large, transparency being of the utmost importance in this matter.

    Addendum four:

    Last note by Rand Macdigh
    Assistant to the Director of research on extraordinary encounters

    Due to the shortness of time in assembling this report, (please remember that less than 24hrs have passed since the Ironotai disappearance), the statements of all involved are sketchy and embryonic at best, I second Marc Evite, both for the establishment of a field of research we do not currently have and for the release of all pertinent material to the public at large.

    A second report - iteration is already in the making.

    part of the Ultrashort project

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