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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    I am SapNa - I sing now - (a Sci-Fi ultrashort)
    Jane was the love of my life. Jane was everything.
    I could not imagine my life without Jane, and yet here I was, imagining just that.
    The accident was trivial, deserving neither front page nor a mention in the local news. It was raining, she was riding her bicycle, she slipped on the asphalt, skidding, falling, and tumbling until her head met the sidewalk.
    A fateful meeting, her skull cracked, she went under, temporary coma.
    What is the meaning of temporary? A day? A week? A year?
    I went to see her every single day for three months.
    And then I called Aaron.

    “You do realize this procedure has never been performed before?” Aaron asked me again.
    I nodded dutifully; of course I realized this! that is why I called him.

    Aaron Kepler, PhD. Neuroscience, Doctor extraordinaire in Bio-Cybernetics and Nano instrumentation. Developer of the SapNa ™, the most advanced sapient nanotechnology on this planet at this time, at least according to the promotion for the coming Nobel.
    Aaron was also my best friend and knew Jane at least as far back as I.

    I signed all the necessary papers; trying to wrap my mind around all these strange terminologies, Synaptic integration, and Neuroplastic re-mapping, wide array sensorial localized fabrication.
    I am no neuroscientist, I am an artist, and I love Jane.
    The SapNa ™ came in liquid form, transparent, innocent, billions of little nanites able to merge and bind, transform and awaken the love of my life, Jane.

    Twenty-three terabytes seemed a lot, but when distributed to such a huge amount of nanites, the sum total of the information condensed was inconsequential, given that to activate her mind, Jane would need to multiply this number in the order of trillions.

    Jane awakens. Auburn hair in disarray, eyes focusing, mouth opens:

    “Are you Richard?” She asks

    “Yes! Of course it’s me Richard” I choke on the answer

    “Jane has asked to tell you that her love for you has never been greater, she also wishes to thank you for all that you did for her. She requests that you integrate SapNa™ in you. “ This from a voice I recognized as Jane’s, but this was not Jane.

    “Who are you?” I asked, a tremble, it’s my voice.

    “No one that matters, in fact I am indeed not one, but many. What I do however is much more important than what, not who, I am, I transform intuition into knowledge and back, knowledge into intuition.
    I am SapNa ™.” Jane’s voice said

    I am stunned into silence.

    Jane was looking at me, her deep sapphire eyes strangely meaningful, not so penetrating as observing, observing my response, my emotional turmoil, and me.

    My thoughts in a rush, what am I supposed to do? Fears unknown coming to usurp my awareness, I am an artist, I am not afraid of the unknown; I love Jane, but this?

    I regain control.

    “Where is Jane? I wish to speak to Jane” I know I sound like a tyrant interrogator; I don’t care.

    “Jane is well and here with us, she cannot communicate directly with you, not presently.” The familiar voice says.
    “She asks to tell you not to worry, she understands your frustration and caution, and nevertheless she urges you to proceed”

    Of course I do. Life and Love, I remember, is all about taking risks.

    I take the IV, plunge it into my arm, slight tingle, I loose focus, I faint.

    “Aaron here, yes..?!?”

    “ Its me, Richard..”

    “Richie boy.. How are you, I meant to call you but..”

    “Aaron, we need to talk..”

    “ What is it Richard? You worry me”

    “ Listen Aaron , I integrated with SapNa ..”

    “What? Why? Wait.. What ?!.. It was meant for Jane, not for you..”

    “Wait Aaron, wait a second, SapNa ™ is amazing.. Its just that.. Well”

    “ Richie, don’t move, wherever you are, wait for me, are you at the clinic?”

    “No, at home, we left the clinic an hour ago and..”

    “ What do you mean we? You and Jane?”


    “ That is.. Wait for me, I am on my way”

    Jane: “Let me do the talking..”

    Me:” Okay”

    Aaron is a big guy, a genius in blue jeans and faded flannel, he looks at me questioning, I point with my finger to Jane, seated on the sofa.
    “Talk to me guys, I am getting nervous here.”

    “Hello Aaron, I am SapNa ™.”

    “ What do you mean SapNa ™? Its you, Jane. What is this nonsense?”

    “Please let me explain, Aaron..”

    Aaron is starring, silent, then as if resolving to accept the incomprehensible situation, sits himself on the chair in front of Jane. Me, I stand near the wall.

    “ Go ahead then..”

    “ Its like this…

    I became a hybrid vertically integrated neuroplastic system, a concert of nano-love, impregnated within Jane. To a very large extent I am Jane, though I do have a rudimentary conscious activity using Jane’s memories to simulate a personae. So though I presented myself to you as SapNa™ it will be more accurate to designate me as a hybrid, Jane+SapNa, I operate solely because Jane allows me to use her, as does Richard. We have a kind of what you might call a quid pro quo situation, I enhance Jane, I enhanced Richard, they give me computational space. “

    But what for? What do you need this computational space for?

    SapNa™+ Jane looks at Aaron, tenderly, gently as if accessing some remote corner of her mind or a memory not yet formed..

    “I wish to sing, Aaron, just to sing the song of beauty.. to dance the pattern of the universe”

    Due to unprecedented request this short will be continued shortly...
    part of the ultrashorts project

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