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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The great enhancement debate
    What will happen when for the first time in ages different human species will inhabit the earth at the same time? The day may be upon us when people...
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    Aldebaran, the forge of Panta Rei (A Sci-Fi Ultrashort)

    The fiery forge of an emotional vision – embedding and expanding, widening and brightening the fierce challenge of becoming a constellation (of impossible States).

    *(From: A dictionary of impossible places – alternate realities made simple, second electrolight edition January 2039. P 89 paragraph 4)

    Obviously I could have become nothing, I could have and maybe should have, but I didn’t, instead I packed my terrible questions and my inner ballads, I detached myself from the vortex of immediate play and headed for Aldebaran.

    I cannot tell you what happened to me in Aldebaran, not because it is a secret, I know I exist in a universe that holds no secrets, but because I am still recuperating the bits and pieces of many old selves that used to represent me, that are no longer valid, and processing these into a new form of self description.

    Like all new forms, I still need to create the language of description, adequate and adaptable that will permit my essentiality to become materialized at this time.

    I can however permit the algorithm of my language procedure to re-conceptualize itself momentarily for one purpose only, to convey to you my dear friend, not what happened to me but what could become of me, if all goddesses of fortune and all alternate reality foresights, those that randomly assign functions and properties, to time,to space,to substance, work as they should.
    I wish to tell you this because it gives me hope, no, not for me, but maybe for us all.

    I know how you will think of this, you will tell me that once again I am cheating death, but the truth is, that I no longer consider death an issue, not as you might assume because death is unimportant but simply because after my inception in Aldebaran, death does not make sense as an independent entity.

    My language is changing, transmuting, and becoming fluid, malleable, flexible, plastic, and authentic.
    It is not only that the exotic sounds of my bio-mimicry language procedure reflects the song of my desire, it is the tune that has somehow become harmonious and finally, yes finally, pleasing to my domain of existence.
    The pursuit of my yearnings and the quest of my longings have quieted into a contained storm, an incomplete rhizome of openings, allowing my tempestuous senses to be directed unto ascension.

    Aldebaran has clarified my mind, destroyed my delusions, and unpacked my illusions, granting me the interdependence I longed for, allowing me originality.

    Aldebaran forged me, playing and plying me a thousand times over into an elegant blade of passion, a thread so fragile that nothing can upturn, the fiber of my beingness woven unto time without end.

    I was free before, but now I know why and what to do with this freedom.

    Aldebaran directed my constellation of becoming, providing my aims with the boundaries of love indispensable for an open future, necessary for my self-revolution, for my sense of naturality.

    One cannot deserve Aldebaran; one does not enter Aldebaran because of merit, Aldebaran folds and unfolds into existence according to the needs of the circus of latent probabilities. To verify the veracity or pointlessness of Aldebaran one needs only to remember Panta Rei (1).
    Not because of the flow, of course not, not even because of everything, but because Aldebaran applies a pressure of multiplicity that resolves a thousand flows into as many openings, entrances and exits. In this sense Aldebaran is a fertile ground for growing multiple pathways, I could call it a new kind of hub for converging flows, allowing new forms of future histories to come forth, but I will not, I will however recount to you a story I have heard on my way out..

    It is whispered that at some point of bifurcation a storm brew in the constellation of acceptance, they say that when the storm was about to hit a wise old name, aptly called ‘pat the fool’ originated an undertaking to delegate beauty after the facts, resulting in the sense of interdependent uniqueness. It so happened, or so they whispered to my non-innocent ears, that only when the unique interdependence characterized itself as an unconstrained liberty, did the advantage of beauty shine.

    They also say that this was the sign that Aldebaran waited for and thus was finally open to business.

    I must say that I have no knowledge as to the genuineness of this story, what I do know however is that Aldebaran might be a gentle cauldron of emergence, from which I just returned, more fiery than ever.

    I am, I believe at the crux of a new paradigm, an intersection of the old and the new, I am, maybe now, possibly ready to meet you again.

    Just give me a moment to order my sense thoughts according to your impossible demands.

    Part of the Ultrashorts Project.

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