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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Testing 1,2,3. No traces of this event will be left (a TLMAP Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    'Testing 1,2,3.' is the fourth entry in the Trans Luminal Mail Archives (TLMAP)

    TLMAP 002276-88 (Letter the fourth) following TLMAP 00776-26 (Letter the third- Ideational Sensate)

    The Editors

    These are the real spaces you can choose from.

    Of course there are also spaces that are not real that you can still choose from, there are also unreal spaces that you cannot choose from and also un-choose-able spaces that are both real and unreal and more so than other spaces there are spaces that you must choose because these are the spaces that allow the illusion of choice to be perpetuated.

    By necessity the illusion of choice need be perpetuated.

    Now then, in this proposal we will promote a particular space that you must choose and an unreal space that you cannot choose, if you can un-choose the real and unreal the choice, the job will be almost yours, since this is the first part of the test.

    In the second part we will present you a particular time, which you must choose, it must however be inconsequential and meaningless, your task will be to unmask its timelessness and present it as a moment of intentionality.

    If you can sequence the event, the job is now two thirds yours.

    The last part is obviously the most difficult, though it will appear to you as the most simple. It consists of relocating an unreal space for a chosen myth in a sequenced event and a proof that you have been moved.

    Do not concern yourself with the meaning of the proof, nor its consequences.

    In the event of your successfully completing these tasks you will be instantaneously transformed into your job.

    You have 17 moments to complete these tasks.
    The logic of the moment is in your hands.

    In the event of your inability to complete one or more of these tasks, nothing will happen, nothing will change; all implied meanings would be restored to their original state.

    For the purpose of these tasks we will put at your disposition the resources of seventeen infinities to be disposed of as you see fit. You can also use whatever help you deem necessary, including this tester, its universe, its infinity and all correlated sensations.

    The only hint we can give you at this point is not to use that which brought you until here; all previous causations, motivations, states and computations you have performed prior to this moment will be a hindrance to your possible success. Hope and or belief are both detrimental and inconsequential.

    A Token:

    We are not interested in your success or failure; we remain totally agnostic as concerns your desires and or motivations, the very fact that you have reached a point of testing is the only proof we need.
    We do not know how a useful and successful completion of the test appears to you, nor does it appear to us, we can only ascertain that in the event of success full transformation into your job occurs instantaneously.
    In the event of success this test will be forgotten and erased from all archives of all universes.
    In the event of failure this test will be forgotten and erased from all archives of all universes.

    No traces of this event will be left anywhere, anytime, anyspace.

    We serve at your pleasure.

    A reminder:

    Editors note:

    The Trans – Luminal mail archives

    Trans Luminal mail is a repository of letters written by unknowns to unknowns, these letters carry no valid destinations and no convincing authors, these are simply fragments of impossible conversations, dialogues and monologues, treated as pieces of an indefinite puzzle which purpose we do not know and goal we cannot conceive, these letters are found in the trans luminal archive, riding the subspace flow and having no particular order, we do not touch the content of the letters, and we long ago stopped trying to make sense of them, we extract them, we publish them and we hope that if you are a destination or indeed an author of one or more of these letters you can take benefit from their archiving. We also realize that though some of these letters carry a sense of intimacy and may in fact make sense only to their recipients and originators, these nevertheless might help others in their quest of comprehension. In the old annals of humanity there used to be a tradition of embedding treasures of wisdom in hidden locations so as to be readily available at the appropriate time for the appropriate person, these so called Termas, had as a rule a tendency to be written in the past for future generations, the letters of the trans luminal archive however, have no such disposition and have in fact been written at different times and spaces configurations, some of which are from the future to the past, some from the past to the future, some come from parallel time lines and therefore need be understood as concomitant but in different dimensions of space, whilst others yet have been written in the same space but in different factors of time, other letters still are probably from interweaved subjectified spaces to which we have no access, the information however we deem to be accurate. We have no idea and no theory that explains how these writings have found their way to the trans luminal archive, we know that information can be propagated in faster than light speeds and though we presently cannot do so ourselves we do have the capacity of extraction, hence the Trans Luminal mail archives project.

    We believe most of those letters to be written by sentient beings most of which belong to the human species, at least in as much as we can discern, however some of the letters that will be published have certain neologisms and idiosyncratic usages of language to which we have no context and thus do not assume human origination, though sentiency can be perceived.

    For the purpose of retaining the anonymity of times and spaces we have edited the only identifying code of light cone time stamp, the removal of such was made in accordance with our charter of extraction and publication. The letters are for unrestricted utilization and thus are to be considered as under sentient public domain.

    The Editors,
    The Trans Luminal Mail Archives (TLMAP)

    (The TLMAP is a new Sci-Fi project that aims to complement the Ultrashorts Project.)

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    Categories: Sci-fi, Ultrashort, TLMAP, Testing 1, 2, 3.
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