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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    One Film: Cloud Atlas. This is not a film review.
    Fluidity of identity

    First conclusion, most moviegoers will not get this movie. Sad and unfortunate but there you have it.

    Second conclusion, Cloud Atlas releases a blow of sensitivity where it matters most; a punch straightly delivered into our mind simulators, into our fantasy descriptions of the real.

    Third conclusion, the movie portrays the fluidity of our identities, this it does marvelously.

    The movie is majestic, the film is intriguing, but what does it have in common with itself?
    The answer is simple, this movie has multiple identities and as such will not let itself be pinned down easily. Like it or hate it, boring or exciting, this film will elicit a response from the beholder and will not soon be forgotten, the reason? It will, using circumnavigation kinds and manners, of cinematic descriptive technologies, remind you of you.
    It will reflect the chaotic, wild and feral fashion by which our thoughts try to regulate themselves into a semblance of order, knowing full well that whatsoever is the belief paradigm underpinning our specific thought patterns, we both wish to believe it and cant possibly accept its manifested behaviors, ours that is.

    Unlike most commentators on the film I do not think it is religious or tends towards spirituality in any fashion, on the contrary I think the film is highly atheistic and materialistic. It might even be an aesthetic statement of sorts, a self styled manifesto for the future of cinema.
    To my eyes the film manages to extricate itself from its own dilemmas by the sheer ‘tour de force’ embedded in its experimentation procedure.
    Moreover I saw the film as a representation of the mind, our mind, both the personal and the cultural, the historical as well as the futuristic.
    I will not give the narrative of the film, you can find this anywhere, everywhere, actually to my perception the narrative as such is less important in this film, what is important is its flows, its multiplicity of flows.

    What for me made this movie a fantastic watch was the idea of the interweaving, of characters, of events, of times, of genders, of colors, of periods, of settings, of emotions made manifest and in which it is a pleasure to get lost.

    As a first approximation then to the question in what fashion is this film interesting I would say that the film (made by Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer) is a self-reflective loop. A philosophical investigation, not unlike that of Douglas Richard Hofstadter important book ‘I am strange loop’.

    I just finished watching Cloud Atlas, a fantastic cinematic experience, grand and all encompassing and though I would love to see these huge concepts explored in a mini series, the film does have its own thematic ‘raison d’être’.
    The main themes of the movie: interconnectedness, hyperconnectivity, the making of a personal freedom weaved in an ensemble of stunning imagery crossing boundaries of space-time and contexts allow this epic story to mesh its own myth. And like every good story ever told it demands of us attention, alertness, synchronization, and keeping up with the rhythm of unfoldment.

    I fully agree with Lana Wachowski when she stated "People will try to will Cloud Atlas to be rejected. They will call it messy, or complicated, or undecided whether it’s trying to say something New Agey-profound or not. And we’re wrestling with the same things that Dickens and Hugo and David Mitchell and Herman Melville were wrestling with. We’re wrestling with those same ideas, and we’re just trying to do it in a more exciting context than conventionally you are allowed to. [...] We don’t want to say, 'We are making this to mean this.' What we find is that the most interesting art is open to a spectrum of interpretation."

    Go watch if you haven't already, I'll go watch it again.


    *(I have not read the book upon which the movie is based, but even if I would have I do not think that a movie adaptation should be in any fashion compared to its book, be it a good or bad adaptation bears no relevance, it is not this kind of continuity that we should look for in a cinematic experience but the effect of the audio visual weaving of our minds into a story that moves us)

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    gamma     Sat, Mar 2, 2013  Permanent link
    Thanks for a MOVIE RECOMMENDATION. Its something to focus my attention on, something to enjoy... to focus my mind as the peak feature of human evolution, and voila! Now you can probably tell a crazy person based on the thing on which he/she is willing to invest everything (and dodge work).