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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Suchness reveals Haecceity
    It has been a while and I thought it real and effectual to deflect the inner reflectivity of extreme individualism before you depart for the land of beyond where you will be alone.

    At least, at last, superficially so, seemingly so.

    For the great one of haecceity will be with you.
    For suchness reveals haecceity, but you know that.

    Being of such constitution from which great warriors are made you will need remember only that once touched by the non stopping machine, your inner core will be substantiated again and again.
    This is not a problem, do not worry, you are good, the only possible option for corruption in your case, will be hubris.
    I know you have tried every trick in the book to escape the moment, that is well, but there is no book and that was your undoing, hence your tricks failed.
    Of course you believe that now that beyondness happens you will be able to resume the happenstance of immediacy, that, fortunately, or unfortunately, will not happen.
    Flee is impossible.
    Besides, what will you do in the great beyond, apparently alone?
    Will you finally use the time away to walk the infinite bondage of the moment?
    Will you finally transgress the ultimate transgression, that of your final belief in actions of self?

    I wonder. I doubt it. I don’t think so.

    Will you lift the last prohibition, and penetrate the sacred realization of knowing that you are not there?

    How can you? How could you?

    The whole point of double lifting the veil of ignorance resides with the act of a trusted other.
    The other reinstates the pleasure of reality unbiased, the reality that there is an ‘other’ and the pleasure of you, not being you.
    For that of course a different economy of emotions is necessary, a financial self institution of sensation.
    Will your future be hastened by your meager contributions to your inner economy of limited imagination?

    I wonder. I doubt it. I don’t think so.

    As you wander you will believe again that history carries a sense of bitterness and happiness, beware of false beliefs my young friend, history carries only its grains of revolutions, and their insignificance.
    Evolution revolves and brings forth new options, that is all.
    I wonder if you bristle at my use of ‘that is all’. I doubt it. For you do not know that ‘all’ is all there is, from there our loves and from there our ecstatic uncertainties.
    It is the only rule of liberation that you will need to follow, the law of liberating yourself from that which makes you free in appearance to that which makes you free in substance.
    You will need strategic intention for this, very different than, and at times contradicting, tactical intention.
    This may be alien to your casual historical way of thinking, but try to make it stick to a future you, it may reveal to you a greatness of sense, that only retrospectively makes sense.
    Nabokov once said that the breaking of a wave cannot explain the greatness of the ocean and I urge you to take this lesson to heart, we are an ocean and our seeming breaking is only a momentary wave.

    You are, there is no doubt about this, a climber on mount improbable, our very discourse is proof of that, if proof you still need. But have you not grasped yet the enormity of your self imposed task? The improbability of it? The sheer madness of elixir creation? The almost absurd act of committing yourself to the unknown factor?
    For there is a knowledge there, a different kind of knowledge, the knowledge of transformation. It is called the linkage knowledge, for it is accessible only when we are linked, deeply, intimately, intensely, acutely, thoroughly, burningly.

    This could happen the day your discourse will cease being permeated by banality. The day your pleasure of being will be intertwined with the act of knowing, that day you will stop policing your statements and declare : I am here!, performing the act of presence.
    In this act you will intensify the valor and value of being you.
    That day you will become indispensable for the future you, and maybe for the future me, and maybe for a superior future still.
    You will be a great teacher of insinuation, for you carry within you the unreachable and unteachable quality of the great desire.
    You are and always will be a great delectation of mind my friend.

    Will you come?

    I wonder. I doubt it. But as always, suchness reveals haecceity and thus your actions in time will tell.
    These will not be frivolous nor insignificant, these will not be trivial.
    These will be myth, a mythos in action.

    And then, tomorrow’s sex might be good again.

    (To you dear friend, of Wisdom impossible)

    *Part of the Ultrashorts Project

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