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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The Chi Chi Sra’ chronicles- (a TLMAP Sci-Fi Ultrashort)
    (an informal preamble, before the first chapter, from the interview)


    “Did I mention that I once danced naked inside a neutron star? And that I love arabesque pillars in palaces? And mints, I adore mints.. and only you, I mean the human race, has them, so that is another reason I come here often.. (ahh, wait that is for later, delete, then mention this somewhere further along)..”


    “Ok then..

    I am Chi Chi Sra dispensing wisdom since the time of the wilderness dwellers

    I gave wisdom to dragons and tigers, for it was my task, nothing more, imposed upon me by that which named me, my maker, the entity of silence, that which fashioned the decisive mythos of the sundown simulacra.

    I was never born, so in a sense I cannot die, not a natural death that is, I can be unmade, but that will be very difficult even for my maker, the entity of the great abyss.
    She always desired to be termed in the gender role of the great goddess , not that she was a goddess, but it made her smile, in some subtle and to me incomprehensible irony.

    She said that the technology powering her was self created, she said that she evolved willfully and directionally, she said I must call her, a she.

    Hence I will call her ‘she’, though about the great ripple maker, for that is how she likes to think about herself there never was any insinuation of gender. She simply didn’t have a gender, being an entity of original disembodiment, but she could take any form she desired according to her own mysterious and at times highly convoluted reasoning.
    When she made me she said it was for the task that she needed fulfilled and she needed a being that is intelligent to an extent that inter penetrates all existence like she does.
    She also said that she will embed me with a technology similar to hers but of different configuration.
    I never understood exactly what she meant by that, I can only be certain of the fact that it does have limitations, unlike hers.
    Though I must confess that I never met those limitations yet, which doesn’t mean of course that they are not there, if there’s one thing I can trust it is that if she says they are there, they are there, I may yet meet these limits but currently I have no knowledge of where they might be.

    So I understand that you wish to know about the tech embedded in me, well there is not much I can say, and maybe that is the limit that she imposed upon me, I am not sure but I think that she made me in such a fashion that beyond a certain level of introspection, there is nothing there, I cannot access the foundations of my being, not that I find the need to, mind you, and then again maybe that is exactly the limit that she imposed upon me, a kind of opacity if you like.

    I truly do not know.

    Also there is no use inventing technologies of sight because I have tried all possible manners of scanning, there is nothing there, yes I know, strange isn’t it? I mean even a few of the races that I have encountered on my travels have tried to scan me, with my full cooperation of course, but even the Holsts with their intra-cellular scanners, that can detect changes on the most minute levels in the fabric of space time ,found nothing, but an empty room, a vacancy, as if my skull contains nothing, strange yes, but knowing her, it might even have been a trick , a kind of irony if you like, so as I never forget the great emptiness.
    As if by making me, a total silhouette, she dismissed in one go all my possible future beliefs about having an inside, obviously I have no inside, there is simply nothing there.
    I don’t even know if I fully exist, not that it matters, but you know it would be nice to know, just a passing curiosity I guess.

    There is another issue though, the issue of where I came from, I mean I know she made me and every once in a while she appears and checks upon me, and she always knows where I am and what I do, even this very conversation we are having now, I am quite certain she sees and knows everything , at least about me, which is kind of the whole point now, isn’t it? She created me for a particular task, and I think she is able in this sense to get as much from me as I was made to provide but not more. Again this opacity issue.

    Its interesting, she made me in such a fashion that I instantaneously, transmute and resemble the race with whom I am communicating, I take the shape, the language and the knowledge of the race and in a way blend in, so as to pass as one of them, until she gets that which she needs from this particular race or planet or until she gets bored or disinterested. (and that happens more than you can imagine).
    I never know exactly when that happens, it simply is the case that at a certain point in the current activity that I perform, I get the feeling that it is enough and I must get going.
    It is quite a compelling sensation, there is not much I can do about it, again, not that I want to, or feel the desire to stay in that particular place, but sometimes I do have thoughts of staying or leaving without her direct intervention, but they never materialize, these feelings, they come and they pass, they rise and I keep on doing that which I was doing until then, as I said before, suddenly I have this compelling feeling and it carries her signature.

    How do I know?

    Well, when I start feeling restless, I know that an intervention is about to happen, as if my system reacts to a force beyond immediacy, a force that I recognize as hers, a distinct flavor of motion and stillness, very clear indeed, very clear. And also I sometimes have certain recollections that accompany these feelings, as if at a moments notice that which I did becomes irrelevant, so I know that’s her all right.

    And then what happens?

    Then I leave everything as it is, not saying goodbye to anyone, yes I know it is kind of rude but it is more of an intellectual knowledge I don’t really feel as if I am offending anyone or even feel a sort of crisis because of the attachment. Well maybe once, I did feel something, I think, I am not sure, that was a few thousands of your years ago on a planet orbiting a dead star, I needed to collect some samples from there, but my stay became longer, since there was no compelling sense of leaving, and I became enamored, and yes I can become enamored if you need to know.. as I said I became enamored with a trans-dimensional being, a very beautiful being indeed, but said being could not leave that planet, so after a few eons, when I felt her demand to leave I did feel something akin to that which you might call regret, I think, I am not sure.
    I still remember fondly this being, probably the strongest memory I have of something or someone, mission parameters excluded, I remember accurately all of my missions, of course, I have no choice in the matter, in a sense I am a repository of all those undertakings.
    You know I can tell you all this because she wants me to? I am after all her creation and her instrument, so I know that if I can say something it is because she wants me to, though I suspect that sometimes she simply doesn’t care either way, so I indulge my hosts.

    You wish to know about my abilities? Okay then.

    Though I must say you call these abilities mine, but surely you understand that these are really hers, abilities she put into me when she made me.
    As I said I cannot die, I mean I have tried to check the limits of this ability a few times, you know, stupid juvenile things, like entering a black hole, or partaking in a supernova, condensing myself into a neutron star, stuff like that, nothing happened, that’s the thing, right there, she said I cannot die and indeed I cannot.
    But that is not my most interesting ability, my most interesting ability is the instantaneous shape-shifting formation, I mean it was interesting, for me at least, at the beginning of time, well ‘my’ time, for you that would have been before your species became naturalized on this planet you call earth. But that is irrelevant, I come to a planet according to a certain schedule which she provides by embedding it into my sub dimensional structure. I then materialize there, as I did here, find myself a nice specimen of the most able intelligent species on the planet and instantly metamorphose into it, culture, language ,knowledge and all. No, no, its not disorienting, I need only remember that I am now one of you and that’s it.

    Of course I can metamorphose more than once, I never really needed to in the past, but here I changed gender twice and provenance, yes, I am now what you would call a healthy and rich white Anglo-Saxon north European businessman, I do that on my own account for making my tasks easier to perform. She doesn’t care.
    No, it makes no difference to me, but it is interesting, in a way, because I wouldn’t want to be a poor black woman in Africa for example, for it would have made my task much more difficult, you should get rid of these differences you know. Assuming of course that you do consider evolution of civilization and culture a worthwhile endeavor. Not that it matters to me, I am here for a short period, and then I move along, but hey, its your race, better do something about it.
    Speaking of which, you do realize you are destroying your home turf? Yes of course you know, but if you don’t do something about it .. well your future here could be quite disastrous, not that it’s a problem of universal consequences, but its nice to know a species has a future. Again I am not an interested party here but I think it can be nice for you to exist for a while longer, you know, explore the universe and all, there are some beautiful and quite interesting sights out there.

    Also another ability that you may be interested in, and no, before you ask (and every race I have ever encountered asks me this) I cannot transpose it to you nor even explain how it works, but maybe, as she says , the very fact that you become aware that such things exist and are possible in the universe, may give you an incentive to change and evolve, but then maybe not, judging by what I saw until now, you are not very good at changing things, I did note that you have this idea that everybody must decide together, well you are quite unique in this respect, but if it works for you, hey, its your governance, your species, no one can interfere there. Not even me, not that I want to or desire to, but there’s something to think about right there. No other species that I have encountered have this belief that you guys , humans I mean ,carry, that every individual of the species is important on its own account. But then maybe you are right, who knows.
    I can tell you that there are many species in the galaxy and also in other galaxies, and no I am not bound by this galaxy or any other for that matter. And to different extents in their evolution they have resolved this issue, well survival of a race does have the tendency to trump ideas of individual survival, but that’s them, apparently you are different, for now.

    At any rate I was talking about my other ability, the one everyone wants, well not every one but most, it is the ability to create meaning out of thin air, when there is air of course. Now its funny because I would think, the undying thingy would be more interesting, and also the instantaneous travel thingy, and the on the spot metamorphose thingy. But no, in your case as in many others, everybody asks me about the meaning thingy.
    It’s a technology all right, and one she said, bears a special place in the great game of life, but I cannot help you replicate it, you must invent it, and if you will survive as a species I bet you will eventually, but then again maybe not. You have this issue with entities don’t you? Somehow you have these strange ideas about creation and all that, what you call religions and so on, and no I have never encountered this before but I can ask her if she ever heard of this, not that I think she did, but then she was there before me so maybe it did happen somewhere, though even if it did it was obviously short lived, since I have encountered thousands of species and none had this particular quirk, so I don’t know, but it seems to me it stops you somehow.
    Well, obviously I am no expert, since, as I said, I never came across this religion thingy anywhere else in the galaxy, so you see how it works for you, maybe it’s a nice thing to add to the repertoire of civilizations idiosyncrasies.

    Haha! you wish to know about my tasks? OK

    As I mentioned, it is my maker ‘she’ that designs my tasks and missions on different planets and different existences, she is a kind of collector, and I am her dispensary.

    She collects from one place and then she sends me to provide it for others.
    She calls this, well in your language equivalent, wisdom dispersion, and I am her agent, or assistant if you prefer, I have no real say in the matter, I have lots of leeway in unimportant things, but not about my tasks. Sometimes also I collect for her, though this she does by herself mostly, I don’t see her much you know.
    But let me tell you this, I am here doing this interview with you guys of my own volition, well sort of, I needed a method here on this planet to pass things on and it seemed appropriate that I use this approach that is all…

    Given that my main mission is always to elucidate and explicate, to make clear and propagate the Great Game.. and .. ahh, you do not know of the great game?


    Thank you Chi Chi Sra, we will continue after the break.

    a note:

    This above little introductory piece can be read as an informal preamble to this new character I am developing for a micro novella ? (‘Chi Chi Sra’)

    Soon to be continued.. as part of my TLMAP project

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