Comment on Tilting at windmills or Enlightened vision? (Zoltan Istvan - An original interview and essay for SC )

nedzen Tue, Jun 9, 2015
The problem with this guy is that he is not to charming at all. How he can expect people to support him for elections when he rolls out with this horrific array of most extremist ideas. Artificial wombs, dictatorship, omnipotender, and a limiting vision of beauty and aesthetics. What is this omnipotender thing he's dreaming about? ... a new breed of Aryan race?! instead of aiming at uniting and smoothing out the differences between us humans he instead emphasises even more on this change brought by technology. And what he knows about homeless and about the not so fortunate ones who at some point in their life, something bad happened and lost everything. There are causes that have more to do with organisms in our society rather than the individual; which he tends to dash out once arrived on the hard and heavy edge of life. We can't be really happy when others suffer. Hope he gets that one day.