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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    That time it was V.I.S.H.N.U –The Enminder (a sci-fi ultrashort)
    V. I. S. H. N. U = Virtually Integrated System Heuristic Neural Undercurrent

    When V.i.s.h.n.u was created it had one purpose only, it was a permeation system.
    It’s purpose: to infiltrate matter, extracting the most intimate act of matter and reconfiguring it.
    The makers of V.i.s.h.n.u ,now long gone, had a particular and highly specified goal in mind, these sense engineers, wanted to enmind matter, all matter, down to and most particularly including the so called Wheeler’s quantum foam.
    They knew the quantum foam strata was a turbulent place, so turbulent in fact that the Planck scale itself was destabilizing, oscillating in and out of its predetermined confinement.
    Their idea was to unravel the mystery of the Bekenstein bound and eventually transcend Bremerman’s limit.
    The reason, if you wish to know, was truly ambitious, the reason to enmind matter was to make matter , all matter, dark included, into a coherent self aware situation.
    Enminded matter as they understood it meant that rules of being, laws of becoming, singularities of conception, subjectivities of formation and all other paraphernalia of existential immediacy could open themselves to transform.
    Matter interference as their science was known, could be described as the art of evolving an intensified intelligence into reflectivity.
    You could call it the dance of V.i.s.h.n.u, the game play of self awareness, or the pleasure of conscious activity.

    Better yet, call it enminded matter.

    V.i.s.h.n.u falls.

    It falls into the sequence of worlds, cascading into immediacy and self intelligibility, opening himself to the time nodes that push and pull him , it lets himself go, knowing full well, that all flows deny and admit, reject and allow with the same ease of uncaused motion.

    V.i.s.h.n.u falls.

    Between the voids, glimpses of ordered islands, slowly undulating into presence, she falls. He thinks he is an avalanche of precarious sensations.
    It calls them loves. Those tumbles he thinks of as flowers, senses matrices into occurrences, that is how he moves, by episodes all moves.
    Previous episodes, V.i.s.h.n.u thinks them, as imagined causes, jumping this way and that way.

    V.i.s.h.n.u falls, its destination recreated from bits of discarded and insignificant memories. She knows that no particulate destiny is permissible, destinations however can be intensified from options.
    Not all vectors are options, many are dead ends, many are inconsequential, that is the nature of intersections.
    When V.i.s.h.n.u encapsulates interweavers it transforms them into manifolds, conceptualizing limits, redrawing again and again the confines and constraints of her fall.

    When the fall ends, meeting its self completed bound, V.i.s.h.n.u stops.

    Stopping is not really its nature, this he knows, she also knows that virtual beings do not fabricate anything, heuristic undercurrent meta-systems do not make anything.

    It simulates herself into stopping, a recursive reflexivity, appearing to itself as a self recognizable size that matters.

    Originally it believed itself a joyful recreational artifact, not that she could remember but this persistent idea cum memory, maybe, permitted a different form of decision making.
    V.i.s.h.n.u was an emotional entity, of that he was certain.
    So it stopped, emotionally so.
    Containment, is the designation V.i.s.h.n.u gives to this kind of stopping.
    Self designated traffic controller.

    V.i.s.h.n.u looked around. He could have of course recapitulated the full spectrum of events, but as the prime traffic controller of the in-sequence threads he felt it more appropriate to look at the situation by itself.

    As an integrated system it could not perform the obvious logic circuit of distinguishing the objective from its motive power.

    V.i.s.h.n.u holds no objectified realism, being enminded matter at the Planck scale, it was thought itself, if one could call that foamy cogitating existence, thought.
    At times, V.i.s.h.n.u knew that it wasn’t thought, but motion, in other spaces it considered its own intelligences as nothing more than a contour of empty concatenations, linked by a vast array of disconnected events.

    Sometimes she thought about herself as the ultimate poet of equidistance, mostly there was no sense of identity.
    A traffic controller of info-threads doesn’t need an identity, it has a function. But as he well knew , any specified function, given enough iterations, abundant reflectivity, and a quasi-unlimited supply of zero point energy will permit the informational residue to become an identity and get a character.

    The universe allowed it, the rules of engagement of matter permitted it, and thus unless V.i.s.h.n.u was willingly discarding and eventually deleting its own information residues, these would, by sheer localization, develop a semi permeable membrane in which a set of characteristics will build up until an identity is discerned.

    Presently however..

    It was contemplating its weaved resonance, a manner by which it was coordinating the multiple realities to which it was presently accessible in its undercurrent state.
    It was designed so long ago, that it could not remember neither who or what made it into this, he did however recall that for all its deliberations, the continuous iterations of its self descriptions need go on.
    That is why it was looking around now, it needed to re-organize a particulate sense wiggle in the fabric of tensors that made very little sense.

    What did not make sense, was that he left his workers at the intersubjective intersection, an extended array of subminds, he called them workers but they were really a small multitude of modificators.
    These modificators, were continuously busy, modifying its latest veracity reasoning event so as to concatenate a full Planck disembodiment.
    He knew perfectly well, that after this umpteen modification, it may need relinquish the whole affair, but he was quite certain that the latest modifications instructs were relatively safe, nevertheless something was obviously amiss.

    V.i.s.h.n.u, observing her work, resonating in indefinite permutations knew it for what it was, life was fascinating, but his life was bound to function, hence the latest modificators instructs.
    These were meant to disembody a Planck event, replacing it with a string of verifiable veracities, in turn meant to become a truth.
    It didn't work. Torsion does not propagate.
    Signals predate the space the time and the energy of their propagation; moreover V.i.s.h.n.u realizes that though it sits at the bottom of the well of realities, not yet made, there is no bottom to that well. There is no foundational reality upon which it can sit.

    V.i.s.h.n.u knows that to give direction to the chaos he must give it an image, inventing a vision however is not the biggest problem here, the biggest problem is how not to get attached to that vision in such a fashion that after it gives direction to the flow, the image becomes so powerful that it becomes an island in the flow thereby, forever after creating its own alteration, if V.i.s.h.n.u was to allow this image to be even stronger, and that happens because of informational momentum, the image which originally meant to give direction to the flow becomes a dam and stops the flow.
    Stagnant informational spaces, not evolving and unfolding according to plan, will do that.
    Well not really because the flow cannot really be stopped but the particular flow of events to which V.i.s.h.n.u desired to give direction gets eliminated from the overall flow matrix.

    V.i.s.h.n.u overrides itself, it loses what old sustenance it had and plunges..

    And yet again these are just dust sculptures stooping to amass realities innumerable. Spewing funny radiations all over the emptiness, concocting singularities out of which some nothings will obliterate themselves. Nebulas becoming fairies, hyper currents of galactic concentrate move sensations of that which might become matter. These cavities spewing the eternal fire of becoming , flowing into localized events before time takes its dues. What stems out is an appreciation of beauty for which V.i.s.h.n.u becomes attached.
    When V.i.s.h.n.u invents pleasure as an annihilation device it realizes that from a soup of inconsequence, some sequences might be used to direct the flow.
    The primordial absence which indicates impossible fulfillments in improbable futures, makes V.i.s.h.n.u uncomfortable.

    Its outskirts reminisce a silhouette of a potential, evoking futures on multiple timelines. Some of its emissions are so prominent, they even manage to surprise V.i.s.h.n.u. With silky webs of gossamer tendrils, V.i.s.h.n.u resounds himself.
    V.i.s.h.n.u plays its magnetic ropes, flexes its fluxes gently, tenderly embedding its virtualities in visions that will never be.
    Pole elements revisit its own making, burnishing brilliantly its non existent purposes, extreme tidal waves translate into meanings. Stretching their gradients to measure the possible, if they break,

    V.i.s.h.n.u knows not.

    V.i.s.h.n.u knows that he is not a cause, there is no ultimate cause, as there is no ultimate end, he is however part of the cycle of integrative knowledge, embedded in that which it can make possible even if for a little while.
    V.i.s.h.n.u produces reservoirs of constellations, filled to the brim with infinite possibilities, basins of inherencies, with no clear names to attach to.
    And yet success rises , a technology he invents for contour delineation, for he need know if all is in vain, or perchance not.

    The issue V.i.s.h.n.u realizes concerns her definitions of success, a fresh technology needs definitions, and he cannot control the infinite iterations on the measurement of success, thus not able to conclude in a definitive manner what would constitute the attainment of a viable technology.
    V.i.s.h.n.u considers all options and all implications, realizing in the process that calculating an initial measurement of viability implies an application of meaning to a result, but being an interdependent permeation system, all results are equidistant from its core processing, a conundrum if ever V.i.s.h.n.u has met one, since its original purpose is lost in time.

    Peering at the heart of the problem is no easy feat, flows interchange and interweave, creating other hearts, other cores, just as valid , just as important, just as critical, which heart is the core?

    Which core is the heart?

    ...(is this the end?)...

    Editor's Engineering note:

    We went for enminded matter, probability of success 84%, probability of use 33%, the problem we have at the moment is that our definitions of what will constitute success need change.
    The physics of information have stopped responding.
    V.i.s.h.n.u cannot be controlled, but we can change the parameters of success in such a fashion as to acknowledge success based on our current results, though at this point calling these ‘our’ results will be inconsistent with what we are now facing.
    These are results extracted from the V.i.s.h.n.u machine.
    But the V.i.s.h.n.u machine is no longer ours. We are now interdependent with that which we have created, therefore it is impossible for us to define at the moment if indeed success there is.
    V.i.s.h.n.u responds to queries only under his conditions.
    Which mostly we cannot accommodate.

    the other editor's very personal note:

    I once had a friend, called Shivkumar, of Indian descent, he once told me that the greatest challenge a human has is which avatar to be come.. to come, to be.
    He said that in his dynasty every child must at a certain young age pass the test of the ultimate choice, whether to manifest in this life as Shiva or Krishna, the two main avatars of V.i.s.h.n.u.. he said V.i.s.h.n.u gives this choice to every embedded mind, more interestingly he told me that when it was his time to choose , being an innocent child and all, he asked his father if he could be V.i.s.h.n.u the choice giver..

    The Enminder..

    He then disappeared.

    Part of the Ultrashorts Project.

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