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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The Chi Chi Sra’ chronicles (pt2) - A TLMAP Sci-Fi Ultrashort
    (part 2: The Proper Context- exegesis is not hermeneutics) (read the first part)

    the interview continues

    I am Chi Chi Sra dispensing wisdom since the time of the wilderness dwellers.. and all that.. you’ve heard it before so I will not recite it again.. though I assure you there is much more, you will read it if you are ever so lucky in the introduction to my coming book.
    Of course it will be called The Chi Chi Sra Chronicles, but I believe you already imagined that.. ahh, no matter.

    Yes, where were we?

    I was in the process of telling you about my tasks and missions, more particularly about the great game, but maybe it is good to explain first the kind of consciousness that the ‘She’ embedded in me.
    I think you will be interested to know that there are many kinds of technologies of consciousness, of course these technologies have evolved in different parts of the universe under very different conditions. But as I believe I already told you, the ‘She’ is a collector and me a kind of dispensary, so she sends me to different parts of the universe to collect different technologies of consciousness, some of which she then tasks me with dispersing in other parts of the universe. There are however certain technologies of consciousness that she says she developed especially for me, I mean, for the process of my making and my becoming her instrument. And then some of the technologies of consciousness that I collected for her, she then embedded in me as well.

    Its all to do with the ripples, you know, the ripples? As in 'the ripple maker'? Ahh okay, I was quite certain that I mentioned this at a certain point, but if not I will expand upon it now.
    You see the thing with consciousness is that it is a very subtle interaction of the universe, a kind of wormhole bio-machinery if you like.
    Of course its natural, but it is a technology nevertheless, since what defines the term technology is action upon matter, isn’t it? The great making.
    And technologies of consciousness have this very purpose, to act upon matter, to make or craft with matter, but not every matter, only certain kinds of matter. The most rarefied matter of intelligence, of course..
    The thing with these technologies is that they do not interact with matter in the regular fashion, consciousness is a technology that always needs a medium through which to operate and a medium upon which to operate.
    So in a sense, the matter of your brain, also a phenomena found in some other races, not many, no, but some, yes of course there are also technologies of consciousness that do not require wetware, well not the kind that you are sporting at any rate.
    There are many kinds of technologies of consciousness , some require a substratum, some do not, but whether they do or do not, all these technologies have one thing in common, it is that all of these technologies share a common sequence of development, it is to the best of my understanding, a sequential event, and remember I am not the expert, the ‘She’ is.
    What I can tell you about this common feature of all types of technologies of consciousness is that they all follow a certain pattern of organization, she calls this the non zero equilibrium pattern, but I can afford to call it the pattern of actuation or of temporality, which is more or less the same.
    You know, I was thinking that in your case, your race has this strange thing that you wish to keep certain technologies of consciousness that have evolved here on your planet of present residence in a form of stasis. I think you refer to these as memories, but though my knowledge of your language and quirks is quite profound, I find it hard to understand how and why you treat this memory thingy in such a fashion, and give it so much importance. As if you do not accept the technological implications of forgetfulness.

    You do realize of course that temporality is the hallmark of consciousness and therefore every performance of actuation must have its own moment of coming, rising, becoming and annihilation back to the original flow, but somehow you refute this, you refute, as it were, the necessary condition of letting things go back to their chaotic origination and I think, again I cannot be certain, that this impedes your evolution into a higher form of technology of consciousness.
    Well consciousness is a performance , and inevitably an eventful act of cognition and recognition, iterating the ripples of the gaps of sensation.

    What do you mean of what?

    Of matter of course. I had the impression that you already passed through that phase, but then again maybe not. At any rate that is not of immediate relevance either you will develop a technology of consciousness, beyond your current state or not, did I mention that races that do not develop technologies of consciousness beyond the level of connectedness into an empty core tend to have a lifespan significantly shorter?

    Its all an issue of proper context you know, you have presently an inversion of realization that there is a you that is conscious and that technology is that which you can perceive or understand when in fact it is quite the opposite. A technology of consciousness evolves quite simply but it carries its own limitations and does not proceed beyond basic reflectivity if you do not give it the freedom it needs to evolve, which of course is also a kind of intelligence.

    And there is this thingy, an issue really, that you confuse that which is with that which appears, of course I know that you know that that which is perceived is not that which is, nevertheless I found that your race has this problem with both those modes of perception.
    There is no real problem there you should know, there is no universal issue between consciousness and matter, but technologies of consciousness are the manner by which this particular issue is resolved. Not that it matters, but if you wish to resolve this issue you should develop these technologies of consciousness.

    They are quite helpful you know, at least that is what She says and I am quite confident that in this respect you will not regret it. And then again, you are quite a peculiar race, you don’t seem very interested in these consciousness technologies. I mean, I know you idolize the idea of the individual and the self thingy and all, but technologies of consciousness are something else altogether.

    Yes yes of course, these technologies are to do with subtle pattern recognition, and some of your bio developed species have quite an acute system of consciousness technologies, but you know that don’t you? What do you mean you are uncertain? You are not sure that you wish to call those big beautiful creatures, you call them elephants I believe, conscious? What about these fantastically complicated creatures, these Octopi? You mean to tell me that you still believe you are the only conscious species on your planet? I will have to put this in my report, she may not be aware to this fact. There are many others of course and I know for certain that some of your research has already shown you some of these but somehow you refuse to let go of your self idolization at the top of your so called pyramid of life.
    Truth to tell I have never ever encountered such an idea. But then as said you are a very peculiar race, I’ll give you that.

    I know some of you humans researchers have toyed and are toying with an idea called panpsychism, its not completely off the charts, and not totally accurate, nevertheless, you should listen to them and help them in this direction, it is one of the most promising ideas you have come up with to date.

    I can tell you that no species that has forsaken technologies of consciousness and accepted a hierarchy of mutuality in conscious activity throughout the universe has ever survived but I guess you have already intuited that.

    Its all to do with the great game of course, my very purpose of existence.
    Ahh, yes the great game..

    Thank you Chi Chi Sra, we will continue after the break.

    Soon to be continued.. as part of my TLMAP project

    for those not already familiar with the TLMAP project:

    The Trans Luminal Mail Archives Project (TLMAP)

    Trans Luminal mail is a repository of letters written by unknowns to unknowns, these letters carry no valid destinations and no convincing authors, these are simply fragments of impossible conversations, dialogues and monologues, treated as pieces of an indefinite puzzle which purpose we do not know and goal we cannot conceive, these letters are found in the trans luminal archive, riding the subspace flow and having no particular order, we do not touch the content of the letters, and we long ago stopped trying to make sense of them, we extract them, we publish them and we hope that if you are a destination or indeed an author of one or more of these letters you can take benefit from their archiving. We also realize that though some of these letters carry a sense of intimacy and may in fact make sense only to their recipients and originators, these nevertheless might help others in their quest of comprehension. In the old annals of humanity there used to be a tradition of embedding treasures of wisdom in hidden locations so as to be readily available at the appropriate time for the appropriate person, these so called Termas, had as a rule a tendency to be written in the past for future generations, the letters of the trans luminal archive however, have no such disposition and have in fact been written at different times and spaces configurations, some of which are from the future to the past, some from the past to the future, some come from parallel time lines and therefore need be understood as concomitant but in different dimensions of space, whilst others yet have been written in the same space but in different factors of time, other letters still are probably from interweaved subjectified spaces to which we have no access, the information however we deem to be accurate. We have no idea and no theory that explains how these writings have found their way to the trans luminal archive, we know that information can be propagated in faster than light speeds and though we presently cannot do so ourselves we do have the capacity of extraction, hence the Trans Luminal mail archives project.

    We believe most of those letters to be written by sentient beings most of which belong to the human species, at least in as much as we can discern, however some of the letters that will be published have certain neologisms and idiosyncratic usages of language to which we have no context and thus do not assume human origination, though sentiency can be perceived.

    For the purpose of retaining the anonymity of times and spaces we have edited the only identifying code of light cone time stamp, the removal of such was made in accordance with our charter of extraction and publication. The letters are for unrestricted utilization and thus are to be considered as under sentient public domain.

    The Editors,
    The Trans Luminal Mail Archives (TLMAP)

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