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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Shaan, the gift of Eiyse. ( A Sci-Fi ultrashort TLMAP)

    I believe that on your planet earth, you would call it a Shaman, or maybe a Shaman device. But maybe I am doing you a disservice by calling it this way, for I do not believe it will help you understand, or maybe it will but it might distort your understanding.

    Why so?

    Well, because on your planet earth, the technological sciences and the abstract sciences have taken for the moment at least, a very unnatural disassociation.

    In a sense, we would not like you to receive such a gift without understanding its significance, though, I assure you Ambassador, the gift is on the way, and you will be able after instruction, to use it to restore your planet to its former glory and do the same to other planets which you have colonized. After deliberations amongst our highest Eiyes, it has been decided that even though you might not understand the Shaan , you will receive the Shaan anyway, because there is a higher purpose here.
    I can tell you that personally I am a tad apprehensive, not because you will not be able to use it, but because it will be used to a very limited competence of its extended capacities.

    Our race has developed the Shaan for millennia, and presently we use it for everything, and soon we will use it for our ascension and then you will also receive our planets and colonies, orbitals and all else, including our spaceships and all related paraphernalia. But that is not the point, for all these you will receive because your race has been chosen to continue our legacy, but in a very real way, we expect you to be able to use very little of all these gifts, enormous as they are.

    We have already described to you, why we have decided to give all these to you and there is no contention and dissent amongst us, we all agree with the Eiyes, but it will take you many of your Terran years to uncover the full extent of the Shaan capabilities.

    You will be able to decipher parts of the Shaan with our help of course, and we will give you all the help we can, but you must understand that some parts of the Shaan, the more exotic and interesting parts if you will, cannot be accessed by you at present not because there is an inherent lock on the Shaan, but because of you, because until you have merged and self unified, the Shaan will not unlock itself, or put differently, it will not give itself to use.
    That is why we are not afraid of misuse, in a very real sense , you cannot misuse the Shaan, or more accurately, it cannot be misused, since it has its own essence of desire.
    I know you do not even understand the combination of these statements, but I feel I must at least reveal to you the causes of your future frustration.

    The Shaan, is not a piece of technology as you like to call it, neither is it a scientific breakthrough, the Shaan is an evolved aspect of the universe which our race has coaxed and evolved for eons , and then it took thousands of years more to entice it to work with us, and slowly by slowly, as it has grown and subdivided, it has spawned other Shaan that had particular purposes and could each provide a specific service to us, but the issue is not this, we have embedded our desire in the Shaan, and it has agreed to work for you, but even the Shaan itself cannot give you all its secrets, because in a sense they are not his to give, these powers and capabilities are a result of merging, and merging has gradations and scales and levels, and yes it can do wonders, I speculate you would call it magic.

    Maybe it will be easier for you to think of the Shaan as a symbiotic system, intelligent and willing. But even here I am probably misleading you, because you will believe that with strong enough force you will be able to unlock its secrets, but try as you may this will not happen , you have to grow with the Shaan, you have in a sense to convince him/it to merge with you, it will not try to convince you, nor force you into any particular direction.
    But think of it this way, to take an example from you world, take one of your human embryos, and though your artificial wombs are an interesting derivation of the Shaan, such an embryo could not possibly exploit all the capacities of the AI that manages its growth even if you would connect it inherently with this AI.
    Their neural structure must be grown together and even then, you will need bring this embryo to full maturity as an adult member of your species to be merged with this AI and develop a mature.. mind ? I believe you call it.
    And then this, what you call man machine merger, will need to evolve for a long time so as to develop its full personality and character capabilities.
    But think, Ambassador, what will you get at the end of this process? You will have an entity that is neither man nor machine, but neither is it a cyborg, it will be a completely different being. And assuming that you will follow all of our instructions, you will have a very powerful being in your hands, and here is the crux of the matter, since you will no longer be of the same race and kind, you will not understand its motivations and desires, and though you would know its capacities and capabilities, at least some of them, you would not know how to bring them into service because you still believe in control and use of force, but this new being that has evolved will have no such motives or desires.

    So in a way the Shaan is very similar, well not in the way it has evolved, since it is not a machine or AI but a living entity, but it is similar in at least one important aspect, it is a kind of being that is different than yours, and at present, because of what we asked it to do, as a legacy of sorts, it will work for you and with you.
    But the extent of its capabilities is enormous, it can do if not everything , almost everything that can be done in the universe of time and of space, but its really interesting capacities are not there.

    That is why we can give you all of our so called material realities, because beside the fact that we are ascending and will not need them anymore, a very short while after our ascension and your reception of the Shaan, you will be able to ask the Shaan to your service and construct all these as well, so in this sense, it makes no difference, you might even call it, a sustainable option, since they are already there and there is no need to deplete more of the finite energies of your current locations to create more of these, but if you would like, you will be able to persuade the Shaan to build more of them, of everything really, but why would you?

    You see my dear Ambassador, the gift we are giving you is not conditional, and not a trade, we simply give it to you and we ask nothing in return. It is strange for you, I know, since you feel separated from reality and from one another, and thus you do not realize yet the interconnectedness of all things, in a sense you think about these aspects as spiritual or religious, but the universe has no such distinctions, it is very specific to your race to think in such terms, very embryonic indeed. But it does not matter, I am quite certain that you will outgrow it, that is not the issue.

    Did I mention that you cannot ask the Shaan to construct offensive weapons? Actually, in due time you will realize that even the weapons you do have constructed by yourself, soon enough will become obsolete and irrelevant. For what do you need weapons for? The universe does not combat or war, at present you are still building these but for what purpose?

    You already have no issue of resources, since already in our first encounter we have given you the seedling of the refraction Shaan that provides you with a quasi infinite amount of energy, and you will have to learn to co exist with unlimited resources.
    There is a story in your history books about certain humans that lived in the American plains, I believe you call them Indians, or American Indians, and I remember reading somewhere that they used to ask of the bison on these plains a certain allowance before they slaughtered them in their hunt, and the bison accepted and allowed themselves to be slaughtered and be food for those same humans. And as long as these humans practiced this, resource management ritual there was an almost endless supply of that beautiful creature. Now, I know that you believe that this changed because your numbers grew and the so called white man arrived to the plains and needed or desired more bison than the old ways provided, but that is not so. In fact there was a point , several really, when the history of your race could have taken a different path, a path that continued to ask for allowance instead of taking it by force. I realize it is very hard for you to believe this or understand it, because you think in terms of absolute numbers and quantities but again I am quite certain eventually you will understand.
    The reason I mentioned this story is because I am looking for metaphors from your own history so as to help you approximate the way to work with the Shaan.
    The Shaan is not a god, though I project that currently some of your human brethren will desire to project upon it such a name and significance, just as they want to do upon us, but I assure you neither the Shaan nor us in any way or fashion resemble your strange concept of god or gods.
    In fact that may be one of your inherent hindrances of merging with the Shaan, but that is up to you to discover and evolve into.

    I thought that it will interest you to hear these thoughts of mine, because unlike the other members in your party you seem to have an inkling of that which I am talking about. I can feel your undisclosed sense of connectivity, which, allow me to say, is on the correct path indeed but very nascent. That is nothing to be ashamed of, you are one of the few humans we have met that have this natural inclination to perceive beyond their self horizon.

    In a fashion I am happy that your race has put you at the head of this ambassadorial party, but as we are alone here, can I please ask you to refrain from asking us to reveal our true form?
    The spaceship we are currently on, an intergalactic ship really, is a very old contraption that we have taken out of its repository in what you would call a museum. The shape you see me in is a construct that we have built specifically for the purpose of communicating with you, we have others but they are irrelevant to you presently, but if you are personally interested I believe I could show you these other shapes, but not now, now I want you to enjoy the benefits of the Shaan, here in the galley and feast upon whatever suits your tastes and desires, also these are infinite , even in this antiquated contrivance of a spaceship.

    You brought with you a team of engineers and scientists and I would love to explain to them how this ship operates, and you will get many of these, all of them really, they are in storage somewhere, but as to its operation, you simply have to ask the Shaan, it knows everything about it since in a real sense it is it.

    The Shaan has built these ships for us, or with us to be more accurate, at a period in our evolution about ten million of your earthly years ago, and we kept them as a souvenir of our infancy and also because some of us believed that one day we could gift them to a rising race such as yourselves, and indeed they were right, for here we are.

    I can see in your being my dear ambassador that you were tasked to decipher the motivation behind our gifts to you and that though you yourself are not a suspicious being, your superiors in the earth committee are and you must give them some kind of reply so as to alleviate their fears. And I will try to help you, or we could invent a plausible story that could give them some kind of fear alleviation, but you should know that even to you it will be difficult to explain, not because it is not simple, it is more because you cannot at your current stage of evolution understand the meaning of the motive.
    But given that you are such a gentle being and highly intelligent at that I will try nevertheless.

    Our race is a very old race in your terms, we have evolved very far from here, and yet our point of origination was somewhat different than yours, there are many races in the universe and most of them do not reach the second and third stages of evolution, I think you have a scale for that, Kardashev is it? No matter, the point is that we have evolved as a semi aqueous species and because of certain , and some may call it lucky, circumstances, we very rapidly a entered a symbiotic relationship with the planet where we originated, a few thousands years after our consciousness emerged we became a kind of a multiple intelligence entity, there were of course individuals, but the evolutionary propellants of our original home-world made us into a unified whole much before we discovered the Shaan seed.
    I cannot reveal to you the origins of the Shaan seed, this you will have to discover by yourself if and when you will merge with the Shaan, but in our history the merger happened by chance, as a random event, and some of us still think that it was, what you may call destiny, but personally I have no need for this explanation even if it does carry a certain beauty to it.

    What I can tell you is that after the original merging with the Shaan seed, some of us became more attuned to its sensations and started teaching the others. The benefits were so great and so quick to become apparent that we had no objection to change. We very soon became energy capable beings, and our intellect, intelligence and aesthetics grew exponentially, then the Shaan offered itself to us, to make us a solar faring species and soon after a galactic space faring species, building these very ships and colonies you are about to receive.
    We were a very peace loving species, and were happy to simply dance in the universe, and the more our symbiosis with the Shaan became entrenched, we discovered more and more life forms and intelligences in the universe. We never conquered or warred with anything or anyone in the universe, we simply brought with us the Shaan, which by then was us, or we were it and settled many worlds and many galaxies, exploring forms of beauty and sensations that are innate in the universe of time and space.

    Then the Shaan revealed a second part of itself, that is not inherent in space time, we suspected as much, but until that point we had no idea of the immensity of the Shaan reality.

    More importantly perhaps, at that point we realized what you, I believe, call the Void.
    But about this after the feast.

    To be continued..

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