Comment on Montevideo

Morningstar Sat, Nov 8, 2008
Thanks Xaos for the pleasure of this insightful post.
The more i read it the more it opens a variety of vistas into the emergence of a polytopian topos or landscape. It is true, at least for me, when one begins to include the Story of the singularity within possible reach of the mind horizon, and really, intimately, ponders on it, it really can hit you in a kind of "emotional meltdown" as you put it.

The act of inclusion of the correlation you point at, between art, substance and the story of the singularity, is an open invitation to take a trepidant step out to that new platform you describe, which at times seems to appear, taking the aspect of a form, and then becomes transparent and almost invisible to human eye again. but it is there, beckoning... This puts us nakedly in front of the choice to take that step and include the new playground, as our mind evolves, as does "our minding and our tremendous effort to remain effective and affective as long as we breathe", as you so beautifully put it. And yes, that's emotional.

Curious that you call it an emotional "sleeve". Yet truly it does give that sense of the mind intelligence cuddling smoothly into a flexible, warm, unknown, enhancing sheath, thus gaining readiness, alertness, suppleness and strength, rather than going "out in the cold" towards a possibly brittle, unprobed, unprepared for arisal, and that too can catch the emotion, in a different way. So, it's like opening the mind set for the absorption of a new platform, offering a caleidoscope of open ended options ie. an inner jump in complexity of reflection...